PS5 Price, Specs and PSVR2 Leaked, Anthem Delayed - The Primal Podcast #15

Leonid Melikhov: Join us on The Primal Podcast Episode #15 - PS5 CPU Specs and PSVR 2 details are starting to get leaked, along with launch games. Anthem may be delayed on current gen systems and more.

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mikeslemonade1769d ago

PS5 price should be $600-$800 to ensure stronger hardware. The PS poor was too weak this generation.

anonymousfan1769d ago

That sounds like a recipe for a difficult launch like PS3

Palitera1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I pity you. To me, it is being a terrific generation and a blast to play dozens of top notch games, together with some true masterpieces.

mikeslemonade1769d ago

Oh yea I played all I could on my PC. The low res and low frame rate exclusives I had to play on consoles.

1769d ago
mikeslemonade1769d ago

Yes PS Poor and the Xbox 720p were too weak in this generation.

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Gaming1011769d ago

Did you actually catch with the price was supposed to be, the release date and the CPU? I don't want to listen to their boring drivel.

chris2351770d ago

psvr2 is a very big deal but judging the nature of these zero-info-videos i refrained from clicking.

gamer78041770d ago

for those who like vr, but vr has still yet to break a niche market. A nice option if you are into it for sure, but I wouldn't say its a big deal for gamers.

sampsonon1770d ago

over 3 million psvr's sold is not niche. that is a lot for a peripheral item.

gamer78041770d ago

@sampsonon sales numbers of the hardware doesn't matter as much as the engagement it has with his customers long term as well as the companies making the games for it, which are few in comparison.

ILostMyMind1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It's for me. I have a lot of interest in PSVR 2, more than on PS5. PS4 is enough for me now, but I know I'm going to need PS5 for PSVR 2.

PS.: "Comparison" to what? XBVR?

1770d ago
doggo841770d ago

I'm a Huge Playstation fan, but if Sony puts a major emphasis on PSVR for Ps5 as opposed to building their first party even further and making a few more important acquisitions (or building new AAA studios with proper talent for Ps5) in response to Microsoft's Studio Purchasing spree, i'm moving over to xbox as my primary choice of console.

Imortus_san1770d ago

over 3 million psvr's is a nich considering that PS4 is over 85 million units and PSVR is two years old, even kinect on the X360 sold over 20 million and the X360 is 84 million.

Wallstreet371770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

First of all tht 3 million number was months and months ago lol. Secondly psvr is the most selling vr unit out of all the vr units including computer counterparts. Thirdly come back and talk to me about how its niche when Sony finishes massacaring with that 199 moss/astrobot bundle thts killing it right now.

Some of you need to stop listening to your favorite console manafacturers because your sounding just like their mouth piece with the mau talk. It is a fact Sony is killing it on all cylinders from software, to hardware to peripherals and no one is close. The sales and engagement are there.

I am so happy they innovated and pushed vr on console and it will be a big part of ps5. Some ppl.are so dense they dont understand that even if the console is centered around vr those that dont care about vr benefit bcus the hardware needs to be beefy with high fps. We all win!!!!

sampsonon1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@gamer7804: so you have proof the over 3 million people that bought it aren't engaged? no?
devs aren't supporting it? https://www.youtube.com/wat...

i own a psvr and play daily, especially FireWall Zero Hour which is the best fps I've played this gen.

itsmebryan1770d ago

If we go with 86 million ps4 sold 3 million PSVR only comes out to 3.5% . That is niche to most people.

DogJosha1770d ago

This argument about whether it is niche or not seems a bit silly. A niche market is a small subsection of a bigger market. It has nothing to do with quality or perception. VR isn't competing with TVs and monitors. It isn't competing with regular games. It is a small subsection of much bigger markets. It is a niche market plain and simple.

BenRC011770d ago

It's great but it's just not good enough yet. I have high hopes for psvr 2.

crazyCoconuts1770d ago

Companies are investing in it now for the potential it has to become mainstream later. From an enthusiast's perspective, VR represents the biggest innovation we've seen in gaming for a LONG time, so we tend to call it a big deal...

rainslacker1770d ago

There are a lot of companies making games for it, and psvr has higher average software engagement numbers than the consoles themselves. Seriously, go look it up.

Now that you've looked it up, you'll see that your concerns are unfounded and in the future you don't have to repeat this same argument again....like you did this time, since I pointed this out to you before. Eventually, you just make yourself look foolish.

1770d ago

Anyone can write the specs? They are SPECS, you can't just imagine them by hearing. They have to be written. It is just silly to announce specs and not write them and just talk about them.

1770d ago
agnosticgamer1770d ago

@Sampsonon 3 Million... when compared to the 70ish million give or take PS4 sold... that isn't an overly great attach rate especially considering the deep cuts and deals they had last black Friday to push sales... Still nice to give the PS fans the option of VR though... But, I would agree as of now VR market is still niche... Maybe PSVR2 can change that.

Dom_Estos1770d ago

"but I wouldn't say its a big deal for gamers."


Long time gamer here. Probably well before you were in nappies. As a gamer, it's a big deal.

Have a nice day.

DogJosha1770d ago


As a 31 year old gamer I was alive for the release of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. So yes, as of right now VR isn't a big deal and isn't showing us any reason to believe otherwise. I want it to become important but I need more than just teasers and promises before I jump onboard. Especially when I can buy a console cheaper than the VR unit itself.

BrettAwesome1769d ago

You all suck! You are a bunch of circle jerking assholes... "my plastic box is better than yours. I support a better greedy, money hoarding company than you do" boo fucking hoo...

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Redemption-641770d ago

Don’t really think you will be missed. Sony doesn’t need to go buying studios like MS to make you happy, they have been focused on expanding the once they have to work on multiple projects at a time. Sony literally said this year they are doubling down on first party games, even before MS went out shopping for studios. They can put an emphasis on VR and still double down on AAA games. They can work on more than one thing at a time

1770d ago
Redemption-641770d ago

Personally I have not heard any rumors about the PS VR being mandatory with each PS5, second if Sony was to make it so and keep the price around the next Xbox, it will be a huge win for gamers. There are many gamers that want to try VR, but don’t want to spend the amount of money needed to try it. I do not believe Sony is going to mandate every PS5 comes with a VR, but I can see there being a separate bundle for those interested

1770d ago
Redemption-641770d ago

Seriously is making up lies to fit your narrow minded narrative the only way you can deal with reality? Look if what I said is too much for you to understand, please ask, I can dumb it down for you. When did I say; There is no large population that wants to play VR that would trade away power on the PS5 itself to get there? I dare you to quote me. All I said was, there are many gamers that want to try VR, but don’t want to spend the amount of money needed to try it. You literally have to lie and claim I said something people can see I didn’t make in order to make a point, how sad is your life, plus honestly I expected nothing less from you

ChristopherJack1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Duh, you didn't say that, that was his issue with your statement, a PSVR included with PS5 competing at a similar cost to the neXbox would have to cut down in other areas to do so - & there's only a few bucks to be saved before having to start cutting specs back.

"if Sony was to make it so and keep the price around the next Xbox, it will be a huge win for gamers"

ImGumbyDammit clearly glossed over tackling his concern with your statement and just focused on the reason that it would not be practical- even if you never outright stated it, that was the only logical conclusion, if you disagree, then kindly explain how Sony could keep the price around the neXbox without cutting back on hardware?.

Redemption-641769d ago

@ Christopher

If you think that is the only logical conclusion, then you clearly have not given this much thought have you? You don’t always have to cut back on hardware in order to give a good price. For one Sony has stated that they are selling the PS VR at a profit, two as time goes on the prices of hardware used to make these systems go down and become smaller, allowing for slim models and cheaper systems. If Sony is coming out with a revised version for VR, they have obviously found a way to make it much cheaper than the original price. Just like some console manufacturers, Sony can be aiming to sell this at a lost, in hopes of making back income in software and subscriptions. Now as to how much of a loss Sony wants to take is up to them, but to suggest the ONLY logical way for them to keep the price around the price of the next Xbox is to cut back on hardware is very shortsighted, mind you around the price of the next Xbox doesn’t equate to the same price, it can be more. Sony just has to find the sweet spot, where by gamers can say, the next Xbox is cheaper, but with a little more money I can get a PS5 and a VR, how much is that sweet spot? I don’t know, it differs from person to person. The PS VR is going for $199, and as I stated before, Sony is making a profit off that price and a revised version can lead to a price cut