Digital Life: MacBook Pro 15-inch Review

Digital Life writes: "Apple notebooks have undergone a slow visual evolution ever since the svelte and sexy titanium-clad PowerBook G4 was released in 2001.

The exterior was tweaked with each successive model (including a switch to aluminium for its enclosure), but most of the changes happened inside. The biggest change was when Apple switched to Intel processors in 2006 and renamed its entire line of portables MacBook, adding a "Pro" for the 15- and 17-inch models. Externally, though, you could hardly tell the difference.

Which brings us to the just-released 2008 model. Visually, it doesn't look much different from the previous model but open it up and the styling changes are immediately obvious. The edge-to-edge 15.4-inch glass screen is cinematic. Its mirror-like finish makes the colours jump out but is so reflective it could double as a rear-view mirror."

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