Bryan Dechart Thanks His Fans After Winning 'Best Performance' At The Golden Joystick Awards

On his official Instagram page, actor Bryan Dechart thanked Quantic Dreams and his fans after winning "Best Performance" at the Golden Joystick Awards for his role as Connor in Detroit: Become Human.

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doggo84876d ago

Well deserved. Connor was my favourite character

rivaldoo777876d ago

Well deserved!!! This man is awesome

Thatguy-310875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

He interacts a lot with the people that support him and follow him which means a lot to his fans. A truly humble guy.

Eonjay876d ago

Just bought this game. Its a lot deeper than I thought.

rpvenom876d ago

Dude, you have to play two playthroughs to truly appreciate this master piece. Make as many opposite choices in your second playthrough and it'll blow your mind still how things change and tie together.. I don't even like decision based games.. and this game after my second complete playthrough... made my top ten best games of all time.. simply because I was in aw on so many occasions. loved this game

italiangamer875d ago

I bought it yesterday on Amazon for 20$ thanks to the PlayStation Black Friday deals. Cant wait to play :D