'Fallout 76' Drops to $40 for Black Friday

Fallout 76 hasn’t even been out for a week yet, but the first post-release discount has already been announced with the game dropping to just $40 during GameStop’s Black Friday promotion.

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DarkVoyager28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I wouldn’t play this game if it were free.

JCOLE1319527d ago

I got it for free with my X as a bundle and I haven’t even started playing it.

Dragonscale27d ago

Me neither.This game would be bad even as a ftp title.

darthv7227d ago

Dont really care about the game but I do want one of those power armor helmets.


I find it funny how everyone now saying fallout is crap. But have been saying the whole series is overrated years ago 🤷🏽‍♂️

Gahl1k26d ago

Bethesda is an overrated company with overrated games. This one just shows how hollow they are.

bouzebbal27d ago

much better games for free on PS+ i have never booted (Bulletstorm, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs...)...

bignosepig27d ago

Sleeping dogs is good. But the point you make is too true, I have like 100 games I need to get around to, it's just these price drops are so tempting.

-volt-27d ago

I wish people would stop saying "free" with PS+. Its not yours to own the moment you stop paying for it.

frostypants26d ago

It's free with PS+. How else can you describe it?

frostypants26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

You need to play Bulletstorm. It is stupid as hell, but the hilarious combos are so much fun. I had it on my 360.

PlayableGamez-27d ago

40 dollars is still not worth.
Buy two copies of God of War instead.

jackdaddy27d ago

Damn wait till after black Friday, it'll be 30 dollars..

rainslacker26d ago

This will probably become the game that sets the example of how a MP game aren't guaranteed a success. MP games live or die by how they manage to get and retain players. If they don't manage to get players off the bat, and more importantly, get people to actually keep playing, which with all the problems with this game i can't see happening this holiday with so many other MP games dropping this holiday, then they go nowhere. Sometimes they can come back from the abyss....but this is Bethesda. Skyrim re-releases still release with the same bugs it did on day one. They'll try, but I think this game isn't going anywhere. Between Metal Gear and now likely this, it just shows that chasing after the MP money isn't always the way to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.