I'll Say It Again: 'Fallout 76' Needs An Offline Mode

It was an interesting experiment, but Fallout 76 clearly needs an offline mode, if that's even possible this point.

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DarkVoyager29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I’ll say it again: ‘Fallout 76’ needs a new engine.

KyRo28d ago

Fallout has needed a new engine for years. I know many look at Fallout with Rose tinted glasses on but they are ugly, bug ridden messes. It might tell a good story and have interesting characters but the gameplay is slow clunky and a chore to play. Some people woke up at FO4 a lot of people are waking up with FO76. Bethesda needs to cut the excuses and admit they need a new engine ASAP.

KukwesGaming28d ago

actually looks beautiful in areas in game...the issue is they didnt update a lot of the character models and other assets...the new assets looks great.

jivah28d ago

Now look at how shit environment textures are. I'm still waiting for fully fleshed out ground textures

28d ago
ClayRules201228d ago

A new engine is what's needed. Bethesda using the same engine for what, 10 years now, is ridiculous. Its not doing any favors for their games.

Cmv3828d ago

I'll say it again.... what it needs is a new fun mode. Yes the engine sucks, but even bugs can be fun. This game is void of all things fun, even with friends.

equal_youth28d ago

Fallout 76 needs a director with a clear vision for what he's doing

InTheZoneAC28d ago

How about a story? Not fallout lite: online sandbox, no PvP allowed

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The story is too old to be commented.