Pokemon: Let's Go sells 116,000 copies in the UK, Pikachu more popular, boosts hardware/software

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee were some of the biggest game releases this past week. The first region to report sales is the UK, where the two titles did pretty well all things considered.

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FallenAngel198423d ago

No surprise that the Pikachu edition is selling more

Neonridr23d ago

I went with Eevee myself.

King_Noctis23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Me too. Most reviews say Eevee is more flexible than Pikachu.

Anyway, the sale in Japan is gonna be crazy.

DrStronk23d ago

Heck yeah, team Eevee ftw.

michellelynn097623d ago

Plus, there was shortages and the digital sales were very good.

jaycptza23d ago

Nintendo always have "shortages". I don't see how a company as big as Nintendo would be running into shortages on their one of their biggest IP s that's just a poor running of your business

michellelynn097623d ago

So, when there were Spiderman shortages, that was Sony running their business poorly? Nintendo also didn't think the UK would take to Let's Go like they did.

jaycptza23d ago

When was there Spider-Man shortages? I hope you're not referring to BF sales because that is not the same as a new game at full retail pricing. Another thing is that PS gamers like PC and X Box gamers don't need to worry about storage issues like Switch owners.

Gemmol23d ago

Nintendo do not own any factories like Sony and Microsoft they out source like apple, just like Samsung who make apple OLED screens. It's cheaper to out source instead of maintaining a factory. Only problem Nintendo use same factories that apple use so they put apple in first priority since it give those factory owners more money

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cha0sknightmare23d ago

The games ridiculously easy, but i'm enjoying it for what it is. I went for Eevee edition.

EddieNX 22d ago

They should somehow include difficulty settings. Perhaps hard mode would give you less XP...

cha0sknightmare22d ago

Yeah, or hard mode could give trainers more pokemon and higher level ones.