Spider-Man PS4 $199 Black Friday Bundle Is So Popular It Is Already Selling Out Everywhere

Marvel's Spider-Man is available is a limited time special bundle with a PS4 Slim, and as expected, it is selling out everywhere.

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parris27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Yeah, like last year PS4 sold out everywhere before actual Black Friday hit. I hope they have second and third shipments planned, this is by far bound to be the most popular console bundle this year.

Veneno27d ago

In one day I heard 3 people at my job say they alredy got the bundle and 3 more that are going to. Good luck to them on finding one.

JaguarEvolved27d ago

PlayStation domination. I wonder if it'll sell over 100million by years end.

UltraNova27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


If Sony has predicted the massive popularity of this bundle and ramped up ps4 production to meet this demand I can definitely see the ps4 getting real close to the coveted 100mill mark by years end.

darthv7227d ago

My son has been bugging me to play the PS4 so I will just get him his own. This is a slick deal.

Eonjay27d ago

Retail stores have to save some stock for the actual Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. They will probably break last years record.

rainslacker26d ago

Surprisingly, it's not uncommon to only have a few of the things that are on sale. But usually they'll also have a higher priced alternative.

In this case though, I doubt it'll be impossible to find a ps4 this Friday. Was at Wal-Mart over the weekend and they had a pallet of them in the aisles, and best buy had a ton of them behind the customer service desk last week. They weren't this bundle though.

rainslacker26d ago

Been some good black friday deals all.around this year...Not just in gaming. Best buy has some great 4k tv deals going on all.month. It's nice not having to feel like you lost out if you don't want to go try to brave the crowds at the store for what might just be a few of each item on sale.

darthv7226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

4k tv's are going to be pushed hard this year... I can feel it. I saw a target commercial with a 55" 4k tv by Element for $199 and I was like... DAMN!

I know the brand aint all that (I do have a 32" Element that is okay) but that price and size and people will see the 4k and jump on that. I dont usually do the black friday thing except one year i did go to a Fry's electronics to get some really cheap PC parts and the line to check out wrapped around 12 isles of the store. That was crazy.

trooper_26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I’m not even surprised.

The dominance is real.

gravedigger26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

PS4 Spider-Man Slim bundle was sold out yesterday at Best-buy and Walmart and Amazon, but was available at Gamestop and Target only. Now it is available again everywhere besides Amazon :

Yeah, Beside Switch, PS4 will obliterate Xbone this November. As it should.

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kingtoby208127d ago

PS4 is doing really well on Amazon. Nintendo Switch software not to bad either.

italiangamer27d ago

Yep, Sony and Nintendo killing it. All is right in the gaming world.

SheenuTheLegend27d ago

not with all the dlc, microtransaction and anti campaign shit. there is still a lot need to be done. glad sony and nintendo are part of a good side.

Dreamcatcher4527d ago


To be fair, at least they are doing the right stuff and deserve the praise. Look at MS shady business at the start of the generation and lack of games or all major publishers and their dlc and mt practices. At least give praise when someone is doing right. After all, It's out beloved hobby that will suffer for it.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod27d ago

Something, Something MS momentum , cross play, studio acquisitions, no e3 for

FallenAngel198427d ago

I just bought the bundle today as soon as the store opened

PhoenixUp27d ago

November NPD belongs to PS4

Thundercat7727d ago

The whole generation belongs to PS4.

Rimeskeem27d ago

Personally, I prefer playing games built for the console.

2pacalypsenow27d ago

That was part of the joke.


27d ago
Why o why27d ago

You miss the point zx

Many features are elevated to levels higher than their worth. Good feature, 100 percent. Reason to buy a console. . . . Nope especially when compared to options which have far better games on a much more consistent basis

Realms27d ago


BC has never been that big of a deal Sony had it with every console except the PS4, and you didn't see tons of articles as to why it was so important. BC is a great feature and most gamers would welcome it but it's hardly a selling point midway through the generation or at the end of it when there are tons of new games to play. Cool, awesome feature that most gamers don't use specially when there are many new current generation games to play.

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Skankinruby27d ago

Dem old games bro, that's why we buy new consoles. What was Sony thinking????

CaitSith27d ago

No cross-platform play, no buy!


SierraGuy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

No buy!


2pacalypsenow27d ago

The triggered have arrived..


Gemetrix26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yes triggered people are so common in the gaming community

Software_Lover26d ago

.......... but you made a post to trigger someone? So this article triggered you to write a response that had nothing to do with the article to trigger someone else to respond to that triggered response that triggered you to write "The triggered have arrived."
Did I get enough triggers?

TheSaint27d ago

BC is great but it is seen as a rival for the exclusives PS has, which is ridiculous.

Thundercat7727d ago

But PS4 is not attending E3


2pacalypsenow26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Why the sarcasm.

They're not attending.

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