The EA Effect: How Dragon Age Has Changed From Origins to Inquisition

The Dragon Age franchise is one of the most popular RPG series of our time. In this post we compare the first DA game to the latest and see how the franchise has changed.

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Phils_Libra563d ago

Good article! I really enjoyed both DAO & DA2, both had excellent, well written & voice-acted, story/side-quests, but DAO was way better in RPG mechanics. Inquisition, however, I found to be really boring, both in the world and the characters both lacking personality to me. I put about 15 or so hours into Inquisition and then lost interest. Maybe someday I'll try Inquisition again, but after also seeing how the Mass Effect series has similarly gone downhill, my faith in BioWare under EA is nearly gone and I'll be very reserved in buying another of their DA or ME games. I'm already convinced Anthem is not for me.

Segata563d ago

DAO, masterpiece. DOA 2 POS. DAI. Meh.

Bladesfist563d ago

That;s a pretty short review but I agree.