Is Microsoft Done Buying More Studios?

Microsoft has now added SEVEN studios to its first-party portfolio in 2018. So are they done shopping? IGN’s Xbox crew debates the possibilities and comes to a unanimous conclusion.

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NewMonday27d ago

there is still plenty of talent with former Telltale guys

darthv7227d ago

And I'm sure playground could use the talent of former evolution studios chaps. Could you imagine a spiritual sequel to motorstorm done in an open world like horizon???

Sumo digital would be a nice fit as well.

NewMonday26d ago

it would be something like Rage combined with Fallout

doggo8426d ago

Microsoft should just buy the entire industry.

timotim26d ago

No doubt. Just from a story and cinematic perspective, they definitely have talent worth looking at.

lxeasy26d ago

Yeah I think The creators of Cup Head and Ori would naturally fit in Microsoft Studios. Microsoft should invest in those two studios as well.

Apocalypse Shadow27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Flashpoint: alternate history of what should have happened

Microsoft comes off of xbox 360 on a high. Perceptually going toe to toe against Sony. Preparing for the next fight with Sony, and deliver a major blow, MS invests in Epic games for an undisclosed amount, beating out Tencent,Disney and others to the punch. With Tim Sweeny still in control.

Not only does it give Microsoft Geow, but Unreal Tournament and other properties and also direct control of Unreal Engine 4. Which would give them continued revenue and tools for 3rd parties. A megaton move. Bigger than Mojang.

At E3 2013, 2 action games are announced to be in development: The Samaritan as a launch title
And the Infiltrator as a future title

With Geow and Halo following soon after, and Forza Horizon as their racer, a new title that was in development called Fortnite brings a new style game:battle royal. Microsoft's 1st party is on a roll.

But The Flash ran back in time to see his mother and the current DRM time line was formed with Microsoft getting dominated in the console arena...

Oh well. At least Caitlin became Killer Frost. Lol! If only Flashpoint didn't happen. Where would Microsoft had been with all that money they have. We'll never know. But they definitely wouldn't need to buy struggling companies trying to stay afloat that will be used for Game Pass.

PlayableGamez-27d ago

Corporate slaves are starting to come up with fantasy fairy-tales to make them feel better. How cute.

kingtoby208126d ago

What did I just read? This was hilarious 😁😂

Potnoodle99926d ago

Lmao agreed, with all this “promise” lately, I’m sure there will be another alternate history we can look back on in 7 years time after Microsoft have fucked this up once again. If you were smart you’d know it’s true😂

King_Noctis26d ago

What a dream you have there friend.

Apocalypse Shadow26d ago

My alternate history of them buying a company on a high after 360 is better than their currently failing this Gen. Instead of buying Geow,they should have bought Epic.

Epic helped them last Gen. Now they suck this Gen. Buying companies about to fold is not great for them.

Godmars29026d ago

The issue was that mid, if not before then, the 360's success MS promptly sat on their @$$.

starchild26d ago

When you can't say anything bad about what's actually being done now I guess you can always resort to complaining about the past...

Apocalypse Shadow26d ago

Well let's see, currently, xbox one still doesn't have any new IPs to speak of. And a lot of you are hoping for the future.

So, does that make it current for you?

OmnislashVer3626d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Even if MS secured Unreal Engine Sony would just end up licensing out Decima engine to Japanese devs that keep their games exclusive to PS4.

While this would impede on some games like KH3/FFVIIR's development(we wouldn't get either even started until PS5 launched, and might not get them until PS6), Sony would still have an ace up their sleeves and recover.

It certainly would be interesting to see how this would affect games though with each console having a major engine, but then again it never happened and PS4/5 will have the upper hand regardless.

In short, MS could have made a lot of good moves. Whether it be not burning people out on Gears of War/Halo last gen, buying more companies, not canceling games, and investing in an engine, but they didn't.

UltraNova26d ago

I have been wondering for years why on Earth wouldn't Sony task their ICE team to make the best engine available and get into the game engine licencing business... Sony is baffling sometimes.

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Euphemism27d ago

They better hurry, THQ Nordic is picking up all the remaining scraps from the ground. Might be too late, are there any other struggling studios out there, willing to get thrown (their ips) under the gamepass bus?

annoyedgamer26d ago

THQ is amazing how its back from the grave.

LandoCalrissiano27d ago

Always open, not always interested. Also depends on what Xbox's budget for investments were and how much, if any, is left.

Prubar27d ago

A couple come mind. Turtlerock would be a good fit since they don’t have a MP dedicated game. They could also make a spiritual successor to L4D. Moon studios would also be a good grab. I was also thinking iron galaxy due to the remake of KI but since they own the ip they could probably just contract it out to them again. And a Japanese studio. Either bought or built from the ground up.

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