Where Are All The New First-Person Shooter IPs?

Throughout the current generation of video games the industry has been overflowing with incredibly detailed open worlds, deep and riveting RPGs and a gracious amount of delightful indie titles making a name for themselves in the big leagues. However, what seems to be missing from the flock, especially when compared to the previous generations, is a consistent flow of white knuckle, gripping, action-packed original first person shooters.

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Apocalypse Shadow64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Next Gen....possibly.

This Gen was open world and the ability to realize them. Last Gen was shooters because Microsoft launched first which almost killed the love for Japanese style games and diversity. Which was rpgs, platformers, action games, puzzle games, fighting games, story driven games, etc. And there were many gamers hating on those genres which I thought was ridiculous.

We won't know until next Gen. It might end up being a puzzle craze. Lol. Or VR. Or AR. Shooters are cool. But I sure don't want what happened to gaming like last Gen. This Gen brought all those genres back and shooters. That's the way it should be.

tiredanddone64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Think it's more western gamers and casuals than MS launching first. xbox is just way more western focused and pop culture-ish.

Since well before xbox, I've loved (J)RPGs. And there has been overall disdain from the masses about them. People by and large want insta gratification. The endless whining then (and now) over text, cut scenes, grinding... ugh. Kinda like books. Average person aint gonna pickup an epic fantasy novel and chill. Though once YA books ( ie Harry Potter) got popular, everyone and their brother started reading. HP is great, dont get me wrong, but they are still kids books. Simple reads amd insta gratification compared to an epic written for adults. Same concept applies to TV and games. Game that jumps in and carries you through a story you can ignore n blow things to hell is what sells best.

Granted there are amazing games of all genres, but average people want to PLAY. I mean, just look at sales #, then see how people tend to play the top selling games.

I am in the super minority. Prefer RPGs over everything. Like gigantic zillion hour length games. Enjoy grinding. Don't have a loli phobia. Graphics mean little to me. Hate voice chatting, and don't like multiplayer. Believe devs should make whatever they want, how they want, I could care less about reviews, game of the year, etc etc.

This gen had a lot of great titles across the board. Shooters probably were just more focused on the multiplayer stuff since it's generally what is wanted. Read / ask around, see people bitching and bitching about single player shooters. I'm sure they'll make more, someone just needs to say F it and create their vision, multiplayer be dammed. Then if it goes viral, shooters will flood in once again~

TheColbertinator64d ago


Very well said. Honestly a very inspiring post on N4G right there,

Sciurus_vulgaris64d ago

It is getting harder-and-harder to create successful new ips, especially in a crowded and competitive FPS genre. This gen we had successful new FPS ips such as: Overwatch, Destiny and too a lesser extent Titanfall. Also several older FPS franchises were brought back with varying degrees of success notably Doom, Rainbow Six, Prey (reimagined),Wolfenstein & Quake.

I am not even sure if we gamers need an abundance of new FPS ips. There are several likely of quality FPS games releasing next year and the year after. With Doom having been successfully revived, maybe the gaming industry should bring back some old FPS ips. I personally favour the returns of Perfect Dark & Timesplitters.

FinalFantasyFanatic64d ago

I would actually like some more horror games myself.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro63d ago

Check out Call of Cthulhu. It just came out.

Muzikguy64d ago

I'd love a Timesplitters game. That was so much fun and the tech has advanced so much since

Sciurus_vulgaris64d ago

I think part of the charm of games like Timesplitters was that there wasn’t a reliance on having the best tech or graphics. The Timesplitters games instead focused on their content and gameplay more so that many shooters currently do. I great shooter doesn’t need lots of expensive cutscenes, and top end graphics. We need more FPS games that focus on level design, content, gameplay and player vs player balance.

Muzikguy63d ago

Having all those characters to choose from and so many options in level design are some reasons I enjoyed it. Allowing such creativity was great. True about graphics. Companies need to allow people to use their imaginations more with games

Sciurus_vulgaris63d ago

It was so rewarding to unlock goofy characters. Nowadays I have to spend virtual credit to unlock characters and skins rather than earn them.

Skankinruby64d ago

The one and only thing Sony didn't deliver this gen, shadow fall wasn't good

Profchaos63d ago

It was fun and had a pretty good campaign

SickSinceSix64d ago

On PC I guess. High Hell, Ion Maiden (in development), Project Warlock, Devil Daggers, Superhot, Dusk, Void Bastards (which is releasing next year) are all new FPS games that have released during this current generation on PC and I'm sure there's a bunch more I don't know of it yet too. None of those are AAA games though.

rand064d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Because people like 3rd person better. I personally do, so I’m happy the effort went into games with that perspective.

Though I wouldn’t mind a really stellar new IP akin to a Bioshock in FP. I think overall it shows the industry has room for way more studios to develop amazing games for us!

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