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"Fallout 76 is one of the worst games of this year. It's a huge mess, and Bethesda must go back to the basics after this game"

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DarkVoyager22d ago

16/100? Sounds about right. This game looks like garbage. Bethesda should be ashamed!

RacerX21d ago

Bethesda showed their true, ugly colors, with Fallout 4. I really hoped Fallout 76 would be their redemption.... Not much hope left for Fallout 5 at this point.

I wish Dev's would throw in the towel with their great legacy, rather than pissing it away over several years. What a shame.

ChristopherJack21d ago

Ugly colours? 4 was a fine game, I just wished the choices had a little more weight.

bouzebbal21d ago

We are light years away from Fallout 3 quality.
What a shame.. So many legendary series becoming a joke...

Muzikguy21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I love these reviews the game is getting. I hope that sales are down but it's hard to say with people these days. I see all the ads plastered over Black Friday flyers with this game though

JackBNimble21d ago

16/100 would suggest the game is unplayable. I don't play this game but my kid does, and I asked him last night how he liked it. My son and his friends like the game, that tells me that this score is not accurate.
It's probably closer to a 6/10 or 7/10, but certainly not a 1.6/10.

This reviewer scored this game only looking for clicks and obviously has no idea how to be honest and objective.

Shikoku21d ago

Its not a 7/10 game its a 4 or maybe 5/10 game its simply fallout 4 assets online thats it. Its a lazy cash in.

shaggy230321d ago

The problem is that some people look past bugs, some don't.

I've seen loads of videos on YouTube showing the huge amount of bugs and have to admit it looks like a mess at the moment.

I mean features of the game don't even work, the ability to create blueprints of your C.A.M.P so you can move it don't work.

It is currently a mess.

I just hope it's around in a year or so when all the bugs are fixed.

KukwesGaming21d ago

Like you said "looks" blind judgment. Every single person I know that owns it thinks the game is the awesome. Bring on the down votes because I state the truth. This isnt even a credible review. Most reviews are giving it average to good and some great. All the the low reviews are just review bombs that didnt even try the game like yourself.

Shikoku21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

No you state opinion the general wider consense is the game is garbage and having played it, myself not taking anyone elses "friends" "kids" or other wise into account but my own personal experience with the entire franchise from fallout to fallout 4, fallout 76 is the worst one yet, its a lazy cash in and the more people who just blindly support lazy cash ins have no one to blame but themselves as gaming devolve into more and more a slot machine and your treated not like a customer but a wallet with legs.

21d ago
cabbitwithscissors21d ago

Said it before in previous stories over here at N4G that this game was trash, and some people here voted me down for that, well, this is poetic justice. Suck it trash.

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vork7722d ago

i say this game is like a 7/10 at least still had fun in the beta

elazz22d ago

How can you say that after only playing the beta which you didn't had to pay for probably.

JLynn94321d ago

How can most of the people on here comment about it despite not playing it? It doesn't matter. Online, effectively-anonymous opinions are worthless.

Kittles22d ago

"had fun" isnt a good way to measure an artistic medium. Especially since you can have fun staring at a wall with the right ppl and/or mindset. This fallout is complete trash, and thats as close to an objective statement as we can get.

Gh05t21d ago

Had fun is the perfect way to judge a (say it with me now) GAME!

It may be art but it is still entertainment and entertainment should he judged by it's ability to entertain.

Imalwaysright21d ago

Artistic medium whose goal is entertainment. Also if you want to talk about art you can't talk about objectivity as art is the very definition of ambiguity. For example there are some paintings that to me have the same value as toilet paper and yet to others, for reasons I'll never understand, are worth millions of $.

vork7721d ago

look if the game entertain you it did it job as a game for entertainment

Armaggedon21d ago

Pretty far from objective. Complete trash is not fair, seeing as how it is not just the lack of polish that people are complaining about.

andibandit21d ago

How would you review a stand-up comedian?.

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KukwesGaming21d ago

The game is a ton of fun to play...most of the people didnt even try the game and the other people that went in just wanted to hate it and barely touched it but like I said 90 percent of the negative comments havent even touched the game. If they did they would see that this is a ton of fun to play. guess what its already selling extremely well. Just lots of comments from trolls.

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Chumdiddy22d ago

It's garbage but it's more like 45/100 garbage. 16/100 is a 1.6/10 (lmao)

1.6 should be saved for Unity engine shovelware.

Eonjay21d ago

Anything under a two means the software is technically botched in a way that the game can't be played as advertised.

Kabaneri22d ago

Even ESO is better than this game.

TedCruzsTaint21d ago

ESO, if you play it today, is the deepest, most fleshed-out and content rich Elder Scrolls game to release since Morrowind.

TheColbertinator21d ago

ESO has some decent qualities and Zenimax Online worked hard to bring tons of content on launch and the months afterward.


Even? It's FAR superior! IT has an actual story with actual characters that I cared about. Corpses, robots, computers as a main story? How Bethesda didn't see this coming is amazing to me. ESO may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it and that game stands head and shoulders over Fallout 76.

warriorcase21d ago

Well, it's not the 3rd biggest MMO in the world for no reason.

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Artemidorus22d ago

Finally, someone who reviews games honestly.

It's overpriced outdated garbage, should of been an add on to one of the older games years ago.

JackBNimble21d ago

Scores like this are meant for broken and unplayable games.

Don't get me wrong, I have no intention to ever play this game, but this is not an honest score.

This game has been getting a ton of hate since it's reveal, and that is exactly why this reviewer gave such a bad score. You should realize that he is playing haters like you for clicks.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod21d ago

The game is just has a 52 on metacritic and yes it is indeed broken in many areas...

KukwesGaming21d ago

this is the most unhonest review out there...I bet its just some troll that didnt even touch the game and pretends that they did.

Shikoku21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Yeah having read the review and played the game I dont find anything dishonest about what was said I find it actually completely accurate.

MasterCornholio21d ago

Other reviews and previews are saying the same thing.