Do Graphics Make the Game?

Certain companies have been prioritizing graphics over content. Could this lead to a bigger problem for the future of the gaming industry?

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chrisx21d ago

gameplay makes the game. gameplay > graphics, any day anytime. that said graphics are the next best thing.

SegaGamer21d ago

Gameplay is always what makes the game. If the gameplay sucks, then the game sucks.

Apocalypse Shadow21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I was about to come here and post the same thing: "gameplay" makes the game. I'm glad there are others thinking the same thing. When I'm playing pancake games or in VR, the first thing I think about is the gameplay.

Graphics do help. But if it isn't FUN, you won't be playing that game long.

parris20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Personally I disagree, story > gameplay > graphics.

A good story can keep me interested in a game even when the graphics or gameplay aren't as good. Gameplay is next games are definitely improved by fun or unique gameplay. Graphics are not really important at all, you can give me pixel graphics as long as the game tells a good story and is fun to play. Which is why I love classic gaming and old adventure games.

And I still read books and enjoy film neither of which have graphics or gameplay.

Neonridr20d ago

the fact remains, that graphics are probably the least important.

Apocalypse Shadow20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

I see what you're saying parris. But there wasn't really a story when I grew up playing. Pong had no story. Defender and Asteroids; no story. Donkey Kong on colecovision, no story. Super Mario,contra, castlevania, mega man, etc. No story. Just a Synopsis.

Only when I played games like ninja gaiden on nintendo was there a story. Tetris for example, has no story. I love stories. But it was never the push. Good gameplay was the push to keep playing.

And in VR, I'm playing super hot. No story. Crazy fun game. But raw data has a story. But if it didn't, it's still a killer fun game from Survios. Both with basic graphics. So I'm still thinking gameplay>story>graphics.

But man. Skyrim VR? Too much story. So many books to read. But amazing. Being a Mage and using move controllers while having a bow. Crazy.

steven83r20d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow
You can't bring up games from the 70s. Those games were not made to look that way because they were going for a certain style. They were that simple graphically because that's all that tech was capable of. In the end it's the graphics that get your attention and the story draws you in. What's the point of the evolution of technology if we're not going to take advantage of it. Who needs PS5 when you can just get an Atari 2600 or NES and play old games. Hell Release a new 8bit console, Charge $300 and the developers will make 8bit games with great stories for $60. Guarantee you don't buy it.

capjacksparrow20d ago

I'm with you, that's why I lean toward games like The Last of Us, God of War, and Bioshock when looking at my favorite. A lot of people are for gameplay over story, but I get tired of good gameplay eventually if there isn't a good story to go along with it (never beat Bloodborne, sorry!!! I don't like to have to decipher my story).

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vork7720d ago

that why people are hating on fallout 76 because it looks bad should stop

Dragonscale20d ago

Its not just because the graphics look bad though. Everything looks bad pretty much lol.

steven83r20d ago

Well they need to go hand in hand today. GTA, The Witcher, Skyrim and more would not have the gamer as immersed or emotionally vested if the games were 8bit. That's just a fact. When it starts to look more "real" it starts to draw you in more. Besides what the hell is all this about graphics over story? Since when can't you not have both? Uncharted. TLOU, Shenmue (for its time) and so many more proved you can look great and have good gameplay.

bnaked20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Only thing that matters is coherence. Every element of a game must come together to give a coherent whole. What's most important depends on what the game wants to be...

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OhReginald20d ago

i think balance is key. great gameplay and great graphics is what I like. Games from Kojima usually have this balance im talking about.

sampsonon20d ago

seems some people, nintendo fans, don't like good graphics. i wonder why,

WelkinCole20d ago

Well it helps a lot no doubt. Many many highly rated games have really good graphics as well which helps with the games atmosphere.

Gameplay obviously is more important but graphics like story and sound and other aspects of the game are also very important

Bane3520d ago

To most people graphics do matter

Rude-ro20d ago

They would like to pretend to..,
But graphics never hold a gamers attention nor do graphics only games do well per sales and attachment history.

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