A Toronto eSports Team Is Forced To Change Its Name - GameOsphere

The Toronto Uprising, who are an eSports team in the city of Toronto have been asked by Activision Blizzard to remove the city from its name or won’t be allowed to compete in this year’s Overwatch League. To no one’s surprise, the Toronto based team is not too happy about the news and have made …

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kneon21d ago

Why is this an issue only in Esports? It's not like people confuse the New York Yankees with the New York Mets. or the LA Clippers and the LA Lakers.

thejigisup21d ago

Essentially this league doesn't have as much brand awareness or general recognition from the public. You don't see ppl wearing Toronto uprosi g shirts, they aren't that good. Do they hold tryouts have a mascot? The problem with Esports is really coming down to the hundreds of teams per "league" where as with the NBA, NFL, NHL etc it's set, very rarely will a new team emerge, and rarely will a name change.

Gh05t21d ago

Money Money Money ...Money!

I loved how eSports tried to say that it was better because anyone from anywhere can compete. Well looks like money still talks and you can force other smaller teams around and get more brand recognition if you drop the money bags off at corporate office.

Sports, sports never change.