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Attack of the Fanboy: Fallout 76 is a bold experiment with one of gaming's biggest and most beloved franchises. Unfortunately the experiment seems like a failure so far.

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michellelynn097623d ago

Yikes. It seems like this game is getting trashed.

Mutant-Spud23d ago

The worst thing I've heard any reviewer say about this game is that it all feels like a pointless grind.

Armaggedon23d ago

It depends on what one likes to do in their games that decides if it is pointless or not. Its sort of like Minecraft, the point of the game is to simply play it. But then again, that is the point of virtually every game, it is just that the player decides what is worth their time and what is not. Want to experience an epic tale? Those looking for that are going to find this game pointless. Want to just have fun messing around with your friends and explore? Those people may find this appealing. It is sort of like Breath of the Wild, in how the game just tells you to beat Ganon. This game tells you to "Find the Overseer."

Palitera23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The problem is not the lack of guidance. Is more like “wipe the narrative, variety on challenges and VATS from Fallout and you’ll have a 55 Metacritic game”. Also it is said to be repetitive and quickly tedious. That’s a major game design / creativity problem.

Comparing it with very well designed and varied open games is bizarre.

Disclaimer: didn’t (and probably won’t) play it, only read about.

Armaggedon23d ago

I wouldn't classify breath of the wild as "varied".

Armaggedon23d ago

It depends on whether the player enjoys the gameplay loop that makes the game tedious or not. Believe it or not, some people enjoy playing the game. Fun and tedium are are opposite.

Obz23d ago

Bethesda you should be ashamed.

Rimeskeem23d ago

People were telling me this game was going to be 2018 NMS.

23d ago