Death Stranding's New Trailer Might Be Ready In Time For The Game Awards 2018 - Report

Death Stranding will reportedly get a new trailer at the upcoming The Game Awards 2018.

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DarkVoyager1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I don’t care for the Game Awards but I’ll tune in for this!

Also look forward to being even more confused.

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sssb1033d ago

Well to be honest I care for the game awards just to see new trailer for upcoming games xD.

PhantomS421033d ago

Hope there is a release date attached or at the very least a window. We really don't need to see anymore, Kojima is one who goes too far into the "showing way too much" MGSV he showed off more than half the game before it was released, people had pieced the twist together just from trailers.

I pretty much watch the Game Awards just to laugh at how embarrassing Keighley can be and how terrible he can make the show. He always tops himself for being bad each year. The tag this year "worlds will change" is going to be a huge let down if like every year they really don't show anything that amazing. 45 minutes of esports while Keighly goes on and on about "celebrating developers" then promising a big world reveal at the end just to have a Dead Mouse song.

kingtoby20811034d ago

Can't wait to see another PS4 exclusive

DarkVoyager1034d ago

Agreed. Cant wait for The Last of Us: Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding.

Just imagine what Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 will look like running on PS5. Guerrilla Games are technical wizards.

MoshA1033d ago

Don't care about Horizon, the story was too mediocre but Gow 2 will probably be the only game to top the first one as best looking game of all time.

nyu11033d ago

As a PC gamer, I'm super excited to see what PS exclusive devs (and XBOX for that matter - they're ramping up this time) do with consoles. This gen is impressive, but you can still always see the limitations. With the new console CPUs, things are going to be different.

We're in for some technological marvels at the very least. Just imagine what Naughty Dog will do on a PS5... \

doggo841033d ago

Can't wait for Horizon two. The first one had a brilliant story. Can't wait to see how a sequel will pan out.

No Way1033d ago

So, you play (only) PS4 exclusives?

kingtoby20811033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

No I just like their exclusives

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Daz1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Hopefully not another delivery add. /s

I still can not figure this game out at the moment. very unique.

Dreamcatcher451033d ago

That's what I like about it.

PapaBop1033d ago

That will be awesome with the added bonus of all the complaints from people who don't get Kojima, bring it on!

Ausbo1033d ago

No one gets kojima. Not you, not anyone.

PapaBop1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

That's what getting Kojima really means. Expect the unexpected. People will complain because they'll be expecting some closure from whatever is shown, they have questions about the game they want answering. Kojima fans know better though, he may answer 1 or 2 of those questions but we'll end up coming out of it with even more questions.

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The story is too old to be commented.