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1nsomniac1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Outlaws was a truly awesome game! And man, that soundtrack, nothing has beat it yet. It’s the game that created the western genre in gaming. RDR would of been nothing without this.

I imagine it probably hasn’t aged well but my god what a game it was for it’s day. I put in hundreds if not thousands of hours into that with my mates.

Vrabstin1480d ago

Star Wars Racer? That's awesome, the only way I could get it to run on a 64 bit pc was through emulation.

Smokehouse1480d ago

I played the bones off of some afterlife back in the day. I was hoping to see gladius but it wasn’t on there. I dug out the ps2 to play gladius like a year ago and it still holds up to this day. Such a fun game.

SickSinceSix1480d ago

Cool but as the article mentions, you could get all these games from GOG already, which means there's a DRM free digital option too.