Battlefield 5 PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison – Frostbite Engine At Its Finest

Battlefield 5 shines on both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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xRacer74x20d ago

The winner is Xbox X. Not sure why they do these comparisons anymore. The X is always going to win. Just seems like another attempt to create arguments.

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Rude-ro20d ago

Because Microsoft needs to stay relevant somehow while providing the worst gen ever for a console.
Even the failed Wiiu offered more than the Xbox one 😂
They started these sites, and although most went away this gen like *lensoftruth or like how eurogamer that switched to “pc is best” then hardly talked about the differences on console because the comparisons no longer matched the financing..
so these are happening now to scrape any stragglers that might buy a console because of these “comparisons”.
Any bit helps when you have nothing else to move a console.
Funny how the core consoles never get mentioned as much yet it is the x vs the pro.
If you spend more money, you can then take a magnifying glass to the screen and see the game you play. Yay
Who has the worst version? Microsoft. Which upgraded console puts more make up on the exact same version, the x.

tucky20d ago

"Even the failed Wiiu offered more than the Xbox one"
I laughed to death ... Could not read further after this nonsense

andibandit19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

"Because Microsoft needs to stay relevant somehow while providing the worst gen ever for a console. "

I'd bet that even if MS had the most exclusives and were winning, we'd still be getting these comparisons.

"They started these sites"

and behind the JFK assassination too.

StormSnooper20d ago

Yeah but really the difference is negligible. The question is, should a person get an X considering that they will also need a second console to get all the games they would be missing out on? The answer to that is No imo

Valkron120d ago

It depends on how much a person wants to invest. I love my X and it’s worth it to me because it’s where I do most of my gaming. I love my Switch and Pro too but they are only used for exclusives. If I had to choose only one I’d probably get a temp job so I could get all 3. I like games, not names

xRacer74x19d ago

if you game at 4k it is quite noticable.

Christopher20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Same reason we've always had them before when the "PS4 always wins" or the "360 always wins".

1. If you own both systems, it gives you a chance to see which one you'd rather have in addition to weighing these factors with any benefits to the systems (friends, exclusive content, etc.).
2. It gives us a chance to analyze the technology utilized and how it differs and possibly why as well as how much of a difference it makes.
3. It allows us to measure technical prowess in general.

Yes, there are people who now love these as it supports their console of choice, just as there are people now who don't see why these are posted at all when it doesn't support their console of choice (not saying this is xRacer74x specifically, but it exists).

xRacer74x19d ago

My primary console is the Xbox but its more to do with my profile ,I built up over the years and the most compelling reason for me is the Xbox Controller. I chose to play on my xbox OG when the roles were reversed and ps4 was the superior version. I own switch and ps4 for their exclusives I dont want to miss.

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TheColbertinator20d ago

The graphics are great. Had a blast with the game all weekend.

CyberRekkr20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Forgive me, I couldn't tell a difference while the game was in motion, I guess I was suppose to stop the video and get my magnifying glass to see a difference..... Oops!

Elda20d ago

From watching this video imo both perform & look nearly exact,noticing any difference one would need a DF magnifying glass.

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