Star Citizen Has Now Passed $200 Million in Crowdfunding, Will Be Free to Play for a Week

Star Citizen has now passed the incredible milestone of $200 million dollars raised via crowdfunding. The game will be free-to-play next week.

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KaiPow986d ago

That's a smart way to get people playing every day of the free play.


Am I the only one that still dose not know what this game is about? Am not trying to be funny, like what is the game really about? A space game with ships? I don’t understand, why is it costing so much and what is the story behind the game? This are genuine questions am asking.

Rachel_Alucard986d ago

Space sim like an advanced elite dangerous that people kept giving money to and the dev team keeps putting more and more work on without settling on a final state. The money people keep giving them is causing this.

NecrumOddBoy986d ago

Think a 4K version of No Man's Sky that consumes Kickstarter fool's money and will never release.

Kados986d ago

Similar to Eve, but much more fleshed out. More questing, and ground based exploration/combat.

nowitzki2004985d ago

Its F2P right now. So if you are so concerned why not try it?

thorstein985d ago

It'll launch on August 29, 2013. I can't wait!!!!

Godmars290985d ago

Space sim + TPS + ability to micromanage that likely puts EVE to shame. All from a first/third person perspective.

Further, it had overambitious goals for the time in terms of graphics, possibly gameplay, which the devs just keep adding on.

And thanks to Kickstarter, an ad campaign that's created a cult mentality among donors, its only become a monster.

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codelyoko986d ago

I still reckon tehe backers are insane

Eonjay986d ago

Why are people still giving money? Someone has finally tapped into the PC gaming superiority complex and exploited that sickness to death. The developers are popping bottles.

Alexious986d ago

They seem happy to trade virtual ships for real world money.

Shadonic986d ago

I'm probably bias been following it for a while felt the disappointment like code lyoko (loved that show btw )and that it was a joke at first until i started digging deeper. I finally bought in a few months ago now I'm traveling to Cities on planets seamlessly and its just beautiful. Again its not perfect and is of course going to take a long time and people seem to forget how long games like red dead and stuff takes to make and to make it great like that.

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Omnislashver36986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

The only thing I can think of is they are PC-only gamers that are mad console games look and play better because they have actual developers.

The idea is to throw more and more money at it and they can get ONE exclusive that can compete but it's really sad how far they're taking it. And I'm a PC fan as well, I just don't have these delusions.

I mean I get it, PC is technically more powerful but you can't just add more money to make a better game, it requires skilled developers as well.

Spartacus10985d ago

It only looks good by todays standards.
By the time it launches, it will look marginally better compared to PS5 and Xbox Two games, and that's only for the minority of the PC gamers who have high end PC's.

Shadonic985d ago

I would say that but then i remember that theirs people who buy fitness supplements from Info wars for 500$ for a few pills that will probably just raise your blood pressure a bit to make you think its working if they have the money then hell let em spend it.

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2pacalypsenow986d ago

200 million and it’s still in alpha...

Shadonic986d ago

If you think about it rdr2 was probably at the point of pre alpha / concept phases by the time they acquired the funds to go into full production.

2pacalypsenow985d ago

RDR2 is released and it didn’t cost 200 million to make an alpha build.

This game is a scam

TekoIie985d ago (Edited 985d ago )


If they only just hit 200 million then this hasn't cost that much to make yet has it? Money raised =/= money spent. GTA V cost $265 million and it's not even slightly as ambitious as SC so to some degree your Red Dead comparison is moot.

Shadonic985d ago


Technically you gotta make an alpha build to get to live and im pretty sure studios secure a majority of their funding before they really get started on the game so technically your wrong. Games developments started in 2010 Do so a good 8 years of development time for an amazing game yes though its not an MMO like star citizen is planning to be with entire explorable star systems and planets.

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nowitzki2004985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

RDR2 was in development longer than Star Citizen. And RDR2 isnt 1/10 of what star citizen is supposed to be. Only people who complain about Star Citizen not being done is people who dont have much interest in the game. I havent spent a penny on the game and want them to take as much time as possible. The game they are building is too large to be rushed.

nyu1985d ago

It's funny how n4g comments are going to be when the game becomes more and more enjoyable. It already just took a huge leap this year, and their SP campaign hasn't come out yet.

Oh well, we'll just have to keep waiting and watching won't we ?

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2pacalypsenow985d ago

I see all the people here defending the game most likely spent money on it.

No point in continuing.

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2pacalypsenow985d ago

You mad huh?

Keep drinking their cool aid.

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fluxmulder986d ago

7 years in development, barely 1 star system finished of the promised 106, P2W mechanics for days, and no release date. But hey, $200M in crowdfunding, woohoo.

ChrisW986d ago

Most big games can easily take 5 years to make, so 7 isn't that bad.

As for the rest of you comment... Yeah...

Shadonic986d ago

given what were first saw was more like concept footage during the kickstarter and the community essentially requested more which is why we have cities like Loreville and towns like levski and seamless planet to space travel and no loading screens.

nowitzki2004985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Were you forced to spend money on it or something?? I like the idea and I havent spent a penny. Not sure why people are acting like people are being forced here lol. If I want to flush my money down the drain.. Whats it to you?

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ccgr986d ago

I wonder when it will finally release

DarXyde986d ago

Whenever it does, it'll probably look dated.

Double_O_Revan986d ago

The human race will actually be exploring space before this game releases.

Shadonic985d ago

havent we technically been for years now ? i know we have a probe outside of our solar system now so that statement was true before even the first star wars game.

Cobra951985d ago

We've been exploring space for decades. But if you mean fly around the solar system like we fly to Bermuda, yeah. I agree with you.

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