ls PS4 the Best PlayStation?

This week IGN discusses the PS4's fifth birthday, Game of the Year, Streets of Rage, and more.

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NewMonday28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

IMOO yes, but that is naturally down to the evolution of the industry.

if it's about the most fond memories then it has to be PS1, nothing like experiencing games like MGS1 and Resident Evil straight after the 2D platforming dominated SNES era.

chrisx28d ago

the great thing about the PS is that all of them can be argued as being the best for different reasons. all amazing consoles.

haydenlake27d ago

Can be argued, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

PS1, PS2... great consoles. PS3? Terrible console but the games in the second half of its life saved its hide. PS4 is honestly mediocre and once again saved by the fact that Sony has games to save their hide and Microsoft fucked up hard with the Xbox One reveal despite being an interesting idea.

PapaBop27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

^^^^ What's mediocre about the PS4? While I agree somewhat regarding the ps3 and personally had a good few gripes with it, the PS4 fixed all of them and then some. Nitpicking aside, it handles almost all of my gaming needs and the only thing I'd personally like added would be proper 1440p support so I could use my gaming monitor properly with my ps4 pro.

Travis370827d ago

@hayden you’re a fool if you think the PS3 is terrible the thing came with tons of features!! It also had one of my favorite UI’s the system was quiet and it had BC. Blue ray, HDMI, wireless controllers, and live wall papers for themes.

StormSnooper27d ago

Yes, I would personally say PS2 for me. But how can I choose one over another. There are so many memories.

frostypants26d ago

@haydenlake What?! The PS3 was one of the greatest pieces of cobsumer hardware ever made. Got off to a slow start due to devs having a tough time with the architecture, but that thing was a beast for its time. Aldo made a fantastic media center and was the best Bluray player on the market.

mikeslemonade26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


Kakashi Hatake26d ago

@haydenlake Why does everyone point to the Xbox One reveal as to why Xbox lost to PS4? You'd think that PS4 having a better library and Sony having a better worldwide presence has nothing to do with it. Xbox One is within 80 percent of PS4s US sales so the reveal excuse doesn't hold weight anymore.

Reckless_Love26d ago

Ps3 IMO is the greatest. The games spoke to me more than any other gen. I've found this gen to be wrought with dissapointment as too many games suddenly became about how big a world they could build. The hardware is good but far from a standout. Paying increasing amounts for psplus with drastic decreases in quality of content offered comparative to ps3 offerings.

Ps3 just had a great evolution. It started in a barebones state, but it increasingly worked to compete and in the end was equal to in most areas and greater than in others (games selection). The exclusives just started to roll through and increase in quality.

mikeslemonade26d ago

Haha it speaks to the age of you people on here. Kinda like how you guys also think Kobe is almost as good as Jordan.

In the era of multiplatform games the PS3 and PS4 are not that great compared to the PS1 and PS2. The games are too similair and rehashed.

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solideagle27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

PS2 is the best console ever or best PlayStation in my humble opinion :)

PS: I wish someone can make Shadow Hearts for new generation!

Seraphim26d ago

in terms of sheer amount of software it's hard to argue with PS2. Upon seeing this article PS2 immediately popped into my head but at the same time, PS, PS3 and PS4 are all spectacular and have all come with a ton of great games both first and third party.

side note: I would love to see Shadow Hearts remakes or a completely new title. That game was a Gem. Rather that series.

hulk_bash198727d ago

While the PS4 is definitely in contention for top PS console, the PS2 imo is still the best. So many games and quality exclusives.

PapaBop27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Agreed, I'll never forget the first time I saw a PS in action. Going from my Snes/Amiga to RE 1 and 2 was absolutely mind blowing. MGS, FF, GTA, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, Tekken, Soul Blade.. I think that generation really helped lay the foundations for what we enjoy today.

rainslacker27d ago

PS2 for me. Just because I was really into the Saturn at the time of the PS1 release. But the PS2 gen, you'd walk into a store and have to pick what game you wanted to play next, and it was a hard choice because there were so many good ones to be excited for. This gen, I pretty much know when and what I'll buy, and I don't that excited as much, and most of that excitement has come primarily from 1st party, instead of the industry as a whole like in the PS2 days.

psuedo27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

That and experiencing online gaming. Tribes, Unreal Tournament, Delta Force, etc etc. I have tons of fond memories from online even if they are a sliver :(

deno26d ago

I agree. Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid were my weekend night games. Good old middle school times.

DefenderOfDoom226d ago

Also the PLAYSTATION port of DOOM which i believe came out in December of 1995 . Never played a FPS at 30 fps which was really good for a console back in the 90's . Some other PS1 classic memories DISRUPTER a SONY first party game made by INSOMNIAC which i was shocked was not on the upcoming PS1 classic .

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italiangamer28d ago

Every PlayStation is the best PlayStation.

Vipre7727d ago

PSP Go was definitely not the best PlayStation.

thatguyhayat27d ago

I actually forgot about the psp go. Such a terrible idea

Veneno27d ago

Screw you guys. I LOVE my PSP GO.

jznrpg26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The only PS device I never owned . I already had 3 PSP’s so I had no interest in a device with no disc drive

StifflerK28d ago

For me it was PS2 - back then games like Tekken, DMC, MGS Final Fantasy were exclusive, and it came at a time when games were made without DLC , microtransactions and season passes in mind, also a time when gamers didn't obsess over resolution and frames . Games where made primarily for fun - the way it should be.

chrisx27d ago

back then we had MGS the tanker mission and MGS2(same game) on the same we have GZ and TPP(same game) sold separately. gaming has Changed...

27d ago
SheenuTheLegend27d ago

finally someone with a working brain. Thanks for being here.

SegaGamer27d ago

I agree. It's a controversial opinion, but I personally think the PS2 was part of the last great console generation. Since then it's been all down hill. Too many things I hate about gaming started with the 360/PS3 era and it's worse than ever today.

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