Despite All the Negativity Online, FFVII Remake Development is Going “Favorably”

We all know of the tumultuous journey the Final Fantasy VII Remake has had since blowing Gamers mind at E3 2015. Director Tetsuya Nomura reaffirms fans that development is going well and not to believe everything you read online.

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chrisx26d ago

how many years has it been since this was announced? how many more years we gotta wait for this? 😐

thatguyhayat26d ago

3 or 4 years ago i think. It was going well till the ditched cryberconnect and started from scratch, nothing after that

parris26d ago

Director Tetsuya Nomura reaffirms fans that development is going well and not to believe everything you read online.

Harkins172125d ago

They didn't start from scratch. CC2 weren't the main devs on the game anyways. Please know what you're talking about

thatguyhayat25d ago


I know what im talking about. Ive been sticking with this game since the announcement

DogJosha25d ago

All you provided as proof is in fact a rumor. You are believing a guy that says he isn't speculating and is providing facts because he has really good speculation. Looking at that speculation, you have 2 years worth of CC2 work out of 4 years total. How does scrapping CC2's 2 years of work give you math where 4-2=0 aka starting from scratch? Hearsay and speculation does not equate to facts. At the end of the day you are like the rest of us. You aren't a subject matter. We are all in the dark and you can either believe Nomura or you can choose to believe he is full of shit. All we can do is wait for KH3's release so we can get new proof of FFVII Re's actual progress.

Harkins172125d ago

No you dont. You're reporting a "rumor" not a fact. A fact is that Nomura has come out and clarified many times that the rumors online are false. You clearly havent read enough sources if you believe they started over.

OmnislashVer3625d ago (Edited 25d ago )


You can't be serious. The ENTIRE point of this is to not believe everything you read on the internet.

Square-Enix Business Division 1 have ALWAYS been the main developers on FFVIIR. What else do you think Square's main team would be working on?

CyberConnect 2 were always an assistance team and it's been stated by Square that their work didn't comply with each others'. It's no different than how Hexadrive, Xpec, and so on were assistance teams to Square-Enix Business Division 2 with FFXV.

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jznrpg26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It hasn’t been too long. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced forever ago it seems and it is still coming. People don’t have patience these days and need something to complain about . They announced the game before they even started so everyone should have known it would be 4 or 5 years at least . This is an ambitious project

DivineBliss26d ago

The announcement was a gameplay trailer. What do u mean before they started working on it?

AnnaDea26d ago

They actually had worked on the remake like 1 year before they announced it.

dragonrage0025d ago

It speaks to the track record of SE, and how much their fans are willing to put up with, when a game announced more than 3 years ago, and virtually nothing to show for "hasn't been too long"

honey198426d ago

not enough year for our wait to HL3

PlayableGamez-26d ago

The game was in it's planning stage when it was announced.
The game is going to take a while before it comes out.

Elda26d ago

2015,probably 5 more years from!

25d ago
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PhoenixUp26d ago

I wish they’d show some substantial info to reassure fans

On a side note I also wish Cloud spoke English in SSBU

NovusTerminus26d ago

They are likely waiting for after KH3.

PhoenixUp26d ago

It’s not like the entire dev team working on KH3 is working on FFVIIR, only the same director for some reason. We still got some info on KH3 before FFXV got released, but nothing substantially new about FFVIIR since 2015

Razmiran26d ago

Probably is because they want the lights on KH 3 right now

Lon3wolf26d ago

Indeed, but in the article it says all PR is focused on KH3, which would explain silence on 7R. Hopefully we will get a nice bit of good news after that has shipped.

PhoenixUp25d ago

That doesn’t mean they should keep FFVIIR completely in the dark

Even when KH2 was about to release they still kept delivering info on FFXII.

Dark-soul26d ago

what negativity? i have not seen any negativity for final fantasy 7 ?

SolidGear326d ago

Vocal minority worrying about nothing as usual

Nebaku26d ago

Negativity about the development timeframe, not about the game itself.

kalkano25d ago

Changing the genre to Action-RPG naturally creates negativity.

MasterCornholio26d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the next time we see the game it will be on the PS5.

Dark-soul26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

i am 99% sure, ps5 coming in 2020 early most likely like march 2020 or something like that, so just a bit over year from now

MasterCornholio26d ago

Im not expecting a 2019 release but an early 2020 makes sense to me.

Agent_00_Revan26d ago

That's a given. They've already said before that they're not going full steam on this game until KH3 is out. There's little chance this game makes it before PS5.

It Could be a REALLY late PS4 game. But by that time, just make it a PS5 game and it would be a good system seller.

MasterCornholio25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Im guessing its going to be a cross gen title but they will show off the PS5 version as a launch title for the platform. But even then i have my doubts on the game releasing in 2020 given their track record.

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