PlayStation - The Console That is Crushing It

At Game Savvy we have been discussing this year’s Game Awards nominees at length, and something has certainly stood out - PlayStation is killing it!

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DarkVoyager22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

The game awards nominees are flooded with PS4 exclusives. It’s all about the quality games. That’s why PS4 is dominating and PS5 will do the same.

chrisx22d ago

I expect the PS5 to also crush the competition. just thinking about GOW2 and horizon 0 dawn2....gosh. the king will return next gen!

salmonade21d ago

People always say that because Xbox blew their reveal at E3 is the main reason PS4 was doing so well, but I've never thought that. THE MAIN REASON, is because the final few years of PS3 was amazing with the games we got. Going into this gen people knew that Sony was going to deliver on games. That is also why next gen they will dominate, because this gen they blew everyone away with amazing games. It's the main reason why Playstation is so popular, it's always been because of the games.

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rainslacker21d ago


I think MS mistakes just helped Sony get a leg up at the start of the gen. But they capitalized on that all gen by showing why they're so respected by their fans. That's going to be hard for MS to wrestle away from Sony next gen, and I think MS realized this, which is why they're so adamant about building their 1st party now. If you look at what Sony's been praised for all gen, it's the games, and what criticisms they do get are mostly just overlooked because they have what the people really care about.

sammarshall10221d ago (Edited 21d ago )

And Spiderman 2 on PS5

ScootaKuH21d ago

The king won't return, because the king is already here

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PhoenixUp22d ago

PlayStation usually crushes it

Freedomland21d ago

"It" means a lot of things, from A to X and "It" can annoy some people, you know what I mean.

Apocalypse Shadow22d ago

Even VR is crushing it.
Drinks all around for everybody
Ah. So good and the games so tasty. Good job Sony.

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Melankolis21d ago

I imagine next year PS5 announcement + PS5 games (exclusives or not) that will excite & make me feel like a kid again.

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