No AMD users, you cannot enable the real-time ray tracing RTX effects on the Vega 64 (or other GPUs)

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of hours ago, a rumour arose suggesting that AMD users can enable the real-time ray tracing RTX effects on their GPUs. Guru3D’s member ‘OnnA’ suggested that by enabling three settings, it may be possible to enable the RTX effects that NVIDIA RTX owners can currently experience. And since we’re in the middle of benchmarking Battlefield 5, we’ve decided to test these settings and see whether it’s possible to have any ray tracing reflections on the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64."

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elazz25d ago

If I had an rxt gpu I would not enable it either. (still happy with my 1080 and probably will be for another 2-3 years)

Cobra95125d ago

Neither would I. Recent benchmarks have shown what we suspected: the tech is not practical yet for real-time gaming. Anyone who bought an RTX card paid for something they won't enjoy outside of passive demos. And without RTX, the mild performance increase of the 20 series of GPUs over the 10 series does not in any way justify their massive price increase.

MWH25d ago

nvidia scammed the weaker minds, that's the simple truth.

Cobra95125d ago

Sadly, yes (for gaming). The first iteration of a new technology usually sucks. RTX is no exception.

OpenGL25d ago

Given what rtx does to performance in BFV on the 2080Ti and how transparent elements like scopes fuck up the effect I don't see why anyone would want it at this time.

Cobra95125d ago

Well, no kidding. The ray-tracing hardware isn't there. Of course it doesn't ray-trace. It may play nice with the user settings, but then it's going to handle the actual task using its real capabilities.

xRacer74x25d ago

makes sense AMD users thought this was possible. If they did the research before they bought their AMD card they would not have bought an AMD card to begin with. Nvidia own the computer graphics card market currently. AMD is shifting their efforts to mainly the console market.

TheCryptKeeper25d ago

I went from from a RX 480 to a GTX 1070 and I can tell the difference just in colors when I booted to Windows, not to mention all the Nvidia exclusive features.

25d ago
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