Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aimé Says Technical Infrastructure for Cloud Streaming Isn't There in the US

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aimé said that the technical infrastructure for streaming games via the cloud just isn't there in the United States, which is why Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 7 are only available for the Nintendo Switch in Japan.

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KaiPow25d ago

Sorry Reggie, but Google's Project Stream says otherwise.

darthv7225d ago

Are you suggesting they outsource their streaming needs to a 3rd party?

In JP, they have their own because its a much smaller geographic area. If they can swing a deal with Amazon, Google or MS then sure.

rainslacker25d ago

It's not as ubiquitous as it could be. And if you factor in everyone streaming, coupled with all the other streaming services, if this became a major thing, it would really put a strain on the available bandwidth in the US. The infrastructure isn't growing nearly as fast as demand is, and video streaming is taking up a lot of it. In 2015, Netflix alone was taking up 37% of all available internet bandwidth during peak hours.

cleft525d ago

Reggie is right though. The technology may be here for Cloud streaming, but the issue is bigger than just Tech. The problem is the Internet service providers. If you haven't noticed, the big Internet companies are essentially monopolizing their respective markets while offering terrible services to their consumers.

I don't know if you have dealt with an ISP company, especially Comcast, when you have an issue but its the most frustrating thing ever. They literally start off by treating you like an idiot and then excusing you of being the reason for the problem. Outside of that, the speeds we get are not good for the prices we pay. On top of that, there is the issue bandwidth caps. Add in the fact that the services have stability issues and you have a serious issue for Cloud based services.

Again, its not an issue of technology. Like you said Google's Project Stream is a great example of good technology for Cloud streaming. The issue is the infrastructure, which absolutely isn't in place yet. When Google fiber is everywhere than yeah the infrastructure will be there.

ccgr25d ago

They should talk to Microsoft

rainslacker25d ago

MS doesn't own the internet infrastructure in the US. Google owns more, but the US government or ISP's own the bulk of it.

Internet may be available fairly readily, but that doesn't mean that the available bandwidth is limitless.

BLow24d ago

Really?? Have you played it?? Tell us how it is please.

2pacalypsenow25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Maybe if you built a console capable of running this games, you wouldn’t have to worry about the internet infrastructure.

What’s next, you’re gonna blame the infrastructure for Nintendo’s shitty online for the past 18 years?

DJK1NG_Gaming25d ago

Clearly you dont even comprehend the article

King_Noctis25d ago

By now everyone and their grandmothers know Nintendo built the Switch for portability in mind, so no matter how much you keep beating the dead horse it won’t change a single thing.

I applaud them for finding way around this shortcoming, but I won’t lose my sleep over it as I can always play those games on other platforms.

2pacalypsenow25d ago

Exactly, but the Nintendo mob will never admit the switch has flaws.

ImGumbyDammit25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Really Reg? The average speed for Japan is actually around the average speed for the US (20.1Mbps vs 19.7Mbps) and Japan the signal is not as stable when compared to the US (stability of the signal is much more important for streaming than having extreme speeds - having higher speeds doesn't matter if you signal qaulity fluctuates too much). The advantage Japan has is their infrastructure for several major cities, where a large percentage of the population lives is really good in certain sections of those cities (not everywhere but pockets) and the country itself is not as spread out and as large as the US. But, make no bones about outside of those regions that have great internet access in Japan it is horrible as horrible can be. The same goes for South Korea and the metropolitan area of Seoul (where 25% of the population the country lives) they have some very well built areas but, having been stationed there and friends still stationed there outside of Seoul. With all the stories of 1Gbps speed everywhere you expect the average speed to blow away the US but even though it is higher it is not much higher (28.6 MBps average vs 19.7 MBps). Secondly, I suspect the reason Microsoft and Google are making the push now testing for a late 2020 reveal of their streaming gaming is that 5G is making the push now and will be widespread in industrial countries in two years to three years time. 5G will be the wave of technology that will make the difference in all this for the internet usage. Even Trump understands this and is making it a national effort to get 5G out and running everywhere ASAP.

XiNatsuDragnel25d ago

Hear that Microsoft or Google?