Amazon discounts PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership to below $40

Amazon has discounted the PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership to $39.99.

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Majin-vegeta26d ago

Its also on sale on the psn store for $40

mikeslemonade25d ago

Bought 2 so far on amazon. They stack up so I’m probably gonna buy more.

Majin-vegeta26d ago

PSn store also has it on sale for $40

parris26d ago

PSNow is also $80 for a year, $6 and change per month for 700+ games

BLow25d ago

Shhh, don't let a certain crowd know that. Remember, this service sucks and is expensive even though it actually cheaper if you pay for it for an entire year.

Gahl1k25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It is only good if you have the time and the will to play all of the games you want and available where you live. Remember that it doesn't have recent games (i.e., games released less than three years ago). Their new option of being able to download and play the games offline instead of streaming makes it a better value.

Platformgamer25d ago

what about re-princing the 3 month subscription to 15$?
that could be awesome

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