Why Are Fans Pissed at Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 players are seriously mad at the game's transaction structure. Here's why.

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Skankinruby793d ago

If they would have sold it for 30 dollars like its worth then people probably wouldn't be

Lon3wolf793d ago

Don't think that would of helped going by this:

In fact, for something like a “Tier 200 Weapon Variant,” Reddit user “ienjoymen” figures that, within a time limit, players will have to either shell out upwards of $200 or somehow dedicate 250 or more hours of gameplay.

Dragonscale793d ago

30 bux? More like ftp lol.

aconnellan793d ago

Selling at $30 doesn’t make any of the issues or gripes go away though. They aren’t mad because of the no single player, they’re mad at everything else

kevnb793d ago

Because no single player, nah those people aren’t buying these games anyway.

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sampsonon793d ago

close up of a woman. try harder.

PhantomS42793d ago

Because it's the final stage of the COD cycle. Blind loyalty and hype when COD is announced, Rage at people who speak against COD no matter how much Activision takes out, Buys $120 game plus microtransactions, a few weeks later realize everyone was right about how dead COD has been, they get upset, 6 months pass and shepherd Activision calls their sheep back to repeat the cycle.

793d ago
ghostrider32793d ago

They should also be pissed that Treyarch can't get hit detection right going into 2019.

BenRC01793d ago

This is a decade old engine

Sam Fisher793d ago

More of a reason to be pissed

blacktiger793d ago

correct, it uses Quake 3 team arena engine with update version

kevnb793d ago

Quake 3 was spot on, it’s not the age of the engine.

BenRC01793d ago

The game is a complete rush job. The very fact that the black market wasn't up and running at launch is a huge mistake for Activision and will have cost them millions.
The multiplayer is just broken, score streaks decimate the opposition and just pile up until the the other team start quitting.
Chunks of the game still have placeholder messages and are unavailable, they are completely removing 9 bang (when has a game EVER removed a weapon instead of just tweaking it?)
Almost zero testing has gone into this and why should it when twats like me buy it every year regardless.

sawoosevens793d ago

You sir I have great respect towards you, now that you see the error in your ways, hopefully you will no longer reward Activision and their bad behavior.

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The story is too old to be commented.