Is the Video Game Industry Dying?

The Video Game industry has died once before and also had a resurgence like a Phoenix rising through the ashes. Will it do the same again?

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Omnimushu26d ago

What's ridiculous exactly?

Apocalypse Shadow26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The game industry is growing. Not dying. As long as my comments usually are, the article is not even worth my multiple paragraphs. Console, pc, mobile phones,portables like switch, VR, stand alone AR and VR, arcade VR, streaming, Web browser gaming, etc. Article is ridiculous.

Apocalypse Shadow26d ago

Actually, to be nice since I'm guessing you might have wrote it.

The article should be asking gamers on "if the game industry is going in the right direction?" It's growing. But are some of the policies and services in that growth, good for the industry and for consumers? Now I'm done.

mcstorm26d ago

Spot on Apocalypse Shadow more people than ever are gaming and OK alot see mobile gamers but still gamers.

With the changes going on I don't see the home console/portable being taken out as the main option but I do see things like streaming and subscription services growing each year but just like we still have movie sales I don't see you owning the game ever going away as that will always have a market for some people. Look at records for example.

Omnimushu26d ago

Have you read the article? I didn't write it actually but have you read it?

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rainslacker25d ago

Its not dying, but its setting itself up to become too big for its own good if it keeps pushing services over games. There seems to be more focus on parting people from their money, and finding ways to keep recurring revenue, than focusing on quality games, and with more publishers pushing subscription services, it can easily cause some to fail, while others rise up if they have the marketing muscle to sustain the hard times. That could cause a sort of crash, however, the crash itself won't be like it was in the 80's, and games will still get made.

Eventually though, it'll reset itself, because gaming has become too big, and too popular to just die outright, even the market that we partake in.

EddieNX 26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Nintendo keep it fresh for me, they're exclusives are as charming as ever and Sonys are good as well.

The majority of multiplat software has gotten very stale recently.

doggo8426d ago

Nintendo and Sony is the way to go

Platformgamer26d ago

with sony releasing awesome HW/SW, with microsoft going fully netfilx and nintendo feeding the nintenfanatics, i guess not

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