Golden Joystick 2018 Winners Announced, God of War and Fortnite Clean up

The 2018 Golden Joystick Awards have been announced! God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more grab trophies!

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Alexious23d ago

It's really a tough one between God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 this year.

KaiPow23d ago

I think it will come down to see if the multiplayer to RDR2 is what sets it apart from GoW

nucky6422d ago

well, i think GoW controls already set it apart from RDR2.

generic-user-name22d ago

I think RDO will be seen as a separate thing to RDR2.

-Foxtrot23d ago


Game of the Year: Fortnite

Is this some kind of out of season April Fools joke...

Movefasta199323d ago

you all have mobiles don't you? Play fornite.

Ceaser985736122d ago

HAHA!! That diablo mobile launch event was hilarious

rainslacker22d ago

It probably had the most influence over gamers and the industry this year. Was also the first game to do cross play between all the major console.

Love or hate the game, I can see why maybe it's worhy.

Sharky23122d ago

Am I wrong when I say fortnite came out last year?

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NeoGamer23222d ago

Personally, I think God of War should win. One of the best games this generation and a true work of art.

hench0723d ago

Wow Fortnite beat RDR2 and GOW for Ultimate GOTY.

I'm speechless.

Jackhass23d ago

Yeah, didn't see that one coming! I thought for sure GoW was getting, considering it dominated the rest of the awards.

OtterX23d ago

Yea, unfortunately it's fan voted and Fortnite has the largest fanbase across all platforms, mobile included. Damn shame.

badz14922d ago

best VR game is Skyrim VR? WTF?? that's not how you spell Astrobot!

Profchaos22d ago

Maybe astrobot was to late to the party but even so Skyrim was pretty good not be goty good but still

generic-user-name22d ago

And that's not how you spell Firewall Zero Hour.

pyroxxx22d ago

Think it is Tetris Effect,.. probably goty too

UltraNova22d ago

Popular opinion, nothing to do with actual level of achievement/quality.

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Ezio204823d ago

Red dead Redemption 2 was not included in other voting categories. Only games launched before October were considered for voting categories. They just included it in critics choice category.

Ceaser985736122d ago

Actually no... RDR 2 was nominated for GOTY

Here are the results , check out the winners and nomination on twitter.

Fortnite is 1st Red Dead Redemption 2 is 2nd COD BLACK OPS 4 is 3rd and God Of War is 4th

TGGJustin23d ago

Current GOTY race:
God of War: 3 GOTY awards
Fortnite: 1 GOTY award
RDR2: 1 GOTY award.

Will be interesting to watch as it continues to unfold.

Ezio204823d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Start counting from now. All these awards till now only considered games launched before October. Rdr2 was not a nominee in any of them except TIME magazine's list. It just somehow won critics choice award.

TGGJustin23d ago

Don't be surprised when the numbers keep piling up for God of War. I've heard tons of games press from various sites saying it's still their GOTY even after RDR2. RDR2 turned a lot of people off with its dated gameplay and the fact that it's not particularly fun to play. Impressive visuals only go so far.

Ceaser985736122d ago

RDR 2 was nominated for GOTY and came 2nd

Jackhass23d ago

Surprised how well God of War is doing -- a lot of times when a game comes out earlier in the year, it's forgotten by awards season.

TGGJustin23d ago

That hasn't been true for awhile now. Go back and look at recent years and the majority of the time it's a game that came out in the first half of the year. Witcher 3, Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, etc.

Gatsu23d ago

RDR2 is a lot more fun to play for me, than GoW. It really depends on each player what kind of gameplay they enjoy.

TintlerWhite23d ago

game of the year is subnautica lol

King_Noctis22d ago

That would still be miles better than Fortnite being GOTY. Subnautica was genuinely a great game. I have nothing against Fortnite, but for me BR games are starting to wear off.

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