Anthem aims to introduce unprecedented levels of customisation

BioWare developers have recently held a livestream showcasing the depth of javelin customisation in their upcoming looter shooter Anthem. Players will be able to change appearance, colours, decals and even materials of their power suits.

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414gamer22d ago

Sounds like they desperate to get people interested. Not working...

Platformgamer22d ago

uh oj, you know what it means...

PapaBop22d ago

Beat me to it.. unprecedented levels of customisation just translates to more microtransaction potential.

milohighclub22d ago

Unprecedented is a massive over-statement.

doggo8422d ago (Edited 22d ago )

"Anthem aims to introduce unprecedented levels of customisation" which you need to pay for, and they are only cosmetic. LMAO honestly what a joke

gamer780422d ago

only problem is you are stuck in a mech suit to customize, no real avatar person that you will see, kinda disappointed coming from mass effect and dragon age customization.

Dissidia21d ago

But this isn't mass effect or dragon age. In those games customizing your physical person makes sense that's who you are. In Anthem that focus is on the javelin.

gamer780420d ago

right, its just my preference. easier to relate or sympathize with a human than a mech/suit. But some people like it more, just have to wait and see how the game turns out I guess.