Fallout 76 Adhesive - How to Get Adhesive Easily

From GameWatcher: "Fallout 76 is now here, and you'll have to do a lot of crafting if you want to get by. One item you'll need a lot of is the Fallout 76 adhesive, but where is it and how do you get adhesive easily? We've got the answers.

Whether it's making a new weapon, getting ammo, or building a special house, adhesive is one of the most regularly requested items for crafting. So how do you get adhesive in Fallout 76? We'll show you."

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ReVibe27d ago

A good 80% of my time playing Fallout 4 was to farm corn and rubber to have a feasible amount of adhesive to do very basic crafting. #fuckwonderglue #wherestheducttape