Sorry Fortnite, but Warframe just might be the best free-to-play game on Switch

From Destructoid: "In 2013, developer Digital Extremes released two very different games. One was Star Trek, a licensed adventure game that hit the market in time for Star Trek Into Darkness. The other was Warframe, an original IP -- the company’s first since Dark Sector -- that would end up being the company’s first attempt at a free-to-play game. Neither title set the world on fire at launch, but where Star Trek fans moved on quite quickly from the game, people playing Warframe decided to stick it out. Because this was an all-or-nothing gamble for the 20-year-old company, Digital Extremes stuck it out with them."

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OtterX24d ago

Love Warframe. I played it a lot in the early years of the PS4. Definitely downloading it again on my Switch. I like the idea of laying of the couch playing in handheld mode while my kid runs around the living room with her cartoons on the TV. Not finding myself with as much TV console time these days. Tried Fortnite, but it really wasn't my thing. Not into battle royales.

wonderfulmonkeyman24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It's the building aspect that turned me off of Building Blaster...sorry, Fortnite.
Spending the opening of every match wailing on inanimate objects wasn't fun for me, but you need to do it just to stand any sort of chance, because the higher skill levels are all about gaining advantages through building things, even mid-firefight.
Of course, it doesn't help that the free pass gives nothing worthwhile, and the closest you get to picking a base avatar is cosmetics that cover your whole body.

If the PvE mode Save The World was on Switch, I might have learned to love the game, but since it's not...bleh.

I've been playing Paladins instead.
The free pass there is likewise worthless, but at least the game is much more fun and straightforward.

I'm hoping that free play in Warframe will be more rewarding, it LOOKS amazing, at least.

OtterX24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I've enjoyed what I've played of Paladins so far. I'm just now trying it out for the first time recently on the Switch. I'm a fan of Hi-Rez Studio. I really had a blast playing Smite over on the PS4. Word is, some people have dug through the Smite code over on PC and have found Switch code in it. Stay tuned...

*edit- Oh okay, so Smite Switch was officially announced yesterday! Just saw it. I had heard about the code a while back. The Founder's Pack is available for Preorder on the eShop already, but it says a launch date of 1/29/19. A bit of a wait, but I'm happy it's confirmed, nonethless.

OtterX24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Ok, so Smite's Founder's Pack is on the eShop, but says it's a preorder for 1/24/19. (correction from 1/29/19 I said above) However, all of the articles say that the game launches today. I don't see it, but I hope to see it soon!

OtterX24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Hi Rez Studio confirmed on their twitter that the Jan 24th date is correct, and the beta will not be free to play. It will be only be accessible at first with the 29.99 Founder's Pack. Bummer. I'll probably buy it just bc I love the game, but I do think it should have been Free to Play while in beta with the optional purchase of Founder's Pack if you want. That's how it was when I first played the PS4 beta.

*Further comments on the twitter post show that it's 29.99 Founder's Pack to be in the beta. However, once the full game launch's, it will be F2P. God knows how long that will take though. Cross progression, cross play w XB1 & PC. Wish I could at least cross progress w my PS4 account. Maybe Sony will change their stance. :\

ZaWarudo24d ago

Warframe is the best F2P game around imo.

AcidDvl24d ago

Path of Exile is up there as well.

EddieNX 24d ago

Yh I'll be playing this on my switch. Not played it yet

remixx11624d ago

It's an amazing game, fits perfectly at home on switch

Gemmol24d ago

Same here, we might just meet up online hopefully i won't be a noob for long

EddieNX 24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Sure man inbox me your Switch deets!
Infact, I think I already have you added ;)

Gemmol24d ago

Never played it cant wait to try it

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