Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Wccftech is able to confirm that Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the cRPG based on the popular PnP game, will be released on consoles in the future.

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ccgr27d ago

Haven't played this one yet, I wonder how it will run on the Switch

KaiPow27d ago

Can't wait to see how they make it more accessible on console.

Alexious27d ago

Indeed. It was one of the many issues on PC.

goodwin27d ago

Probably will have to redo all the interface, like Larian did with Divinity OS 2

goodwin27d ago

Switch will take longer to release, they've already spoken about. In fact, they were planning to release them together, but Switch having its 'specific architecture' will slow down the whole process pretty much.