Battlefield V's War Stories Have Nothing On Battlefield 1's

While Battlefield V's War Stories may technically have more meat on their bones, the heart just isn't there.

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Adexus23d ago

I found the first two to actually be awful, terrible characters and woeful dialogue, boring objectives, stupid AI, felt like they were made in about a month, the last War Story about the French one was alright though.

Definitely the worst campaign BF has had.

Sciurus_vulgaris23d ago

The war stories in BF1 were nothing too special to began with. I was dumbstruck by the fact that some critics in 2016 where putting BF1's campaign on a comparable level to that of Doom (2016) and Titanfall 2 .

TheColbertinator22d ago

The Norway campaign was cool. The other two are forgettable. Hopefully the December campaign will be better

The_KELRaTH22d ago

The last campaign I really enjoyed in the BF series was BF Bad Company 2

Dirtnapstor22d ago

Full fledged story, agreed. BF3 has some intense moments too.
Wasn’t it said that DICE/Danger Close was working on BC3?

sarlucic21d ago

I really enjoyed the norwegian one and the last one, the first one was meh.