Cliff Bleszinski says that he will not make another video game

From GameWatcher: "Cliff Bleszinski hasn't been well-liked for a while now, ever since he was dismissive towards PC way back when, and following the failures of both Lawbreakers and Radical Heights, it's clear why some might not put much stock into what the man says.

Regardless, it was recently announced via Twitter that Cliff Bleszinski is done with video games for good, and this comes in response to a tweet that had the man particularly fired up."

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Anthotis567d ago the correct answer.

Palitera567d ago

Now let us hope it is true this time.

darthv72567d ago

Nah, the guy is good but he needed to get knocked down a bit to bring him back to when he was passionate about games. He got really arrogant after Gears 2 (but he was heading that way already after Gears 1) and fans just couldnt take his ego any longer.

The guy has talent, that's for sure but he lets his desire to have the next big thing cloud his judgement on things. I wish him luck and hopes he finds himself and what he used to be like (pre 7th gen) when he had a passion for the game, not the buck.

Godmars290566d ago

The only thing he's ever made are area shooters.

There's needing to get knocked down a peg, then there's getting b*tch slapped by reality.

Godmars290566d ago

Yeah, the guy made - worked with others, on one platformer. He then went on to make several well known area shooters. He - tried - to come back by making an arena shooter.

The only thing of real significance he's done is make arena shooters. Hate to use the meme but: Prove Me Wrong!

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bloop567d ago

It's kind of sad, if you ask me. The guy's an ass, but he's responsible for bringing us the likes of Unreal Tournament and Gears.

567d ago
Fist4achin567d ago

You hit the nail on the head. I think Cliff is talented in helping bring up good games. The guy is just a weenie!

SenorFartCushion567d ago

Why do consumers care about the one figure-head so much? Is it an easy-going thing i.e. a single entity that the stupid majority can concentrate on?

Cliff Bleszinski is a large presence in gaming, yeah, but he doesn't make the games solo, he has a team. Why can't the majority concentrate on the teams behind games?

rainslacker566d ago


True, he doesn't make the games himself, but his particular jobs in those games do require that he understand how to make them, and what makes a good game in order to deliver on such good games. Lawbreakers wasn't a bad game by most people's accounts. Not overly ambitious, and certainly not enough to go up against the competition of the time, but still, solid on most accounts.

I've often been critical of the man's statements, but I was never oblivious to his talent. I've met him on several occasions, and know that while he can come across as a douche in the media, he wasn't a bad guy at all, and its easy to tell he does love games and gaming. He's just really bad at expressing himself, or talking to others in a way that's respectful when he's talking about rather volatile topics.

Not that I really care if he makes another game or not. But at the same time, its a shame to watch so many people act like gaming is better off without him, and I wonder what satisfaction they get from kicking the man while he is down. I don't like that he wants to go and try and get empathy by making a statement like this, but doesn't mean people need to be a**holes.

KukwesGaming566d ago

I wouldnt give him so much credit for Unreal Tournament.

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MWH567d ago

no it's not good. he is a talented game creator, he produced great games that are part of many gamers' memories. despite his controversies, his contribution to the industry must be respected and appreciated.

AlexMuncatchy567d ago

Not good. You want more people in the industry like Cliffy. Not less.

rainslacker566d ago

More like him talent wise, but maybe without the ego or lack of social decorum when addressing the public or potential consumers. We have enough of that now. Seems to be a trend now with social media though that more devs are coming across as dicks. I can understand why they may be frustrated, and I do think the community needs to be taken down a peg or two at times, but these are potential customers they're talking to, and their generalizations are not appropriate. The community itself can handle the extremists.

rainslacker566d ago

One failure and he gives up? Shame, because he does have talent. He'd probably be fine if he curbed his ego, and focused on the game itself. Probably help to realize that his name will only carry him so far. Lawbreakers wasn't crap, it just was a poor choice of genre, at a time when there were a lot of high profile games coming out to compete against.

I'm not a huge fan of his because of his ego, but I recognize that he has talent. So what if he pissed you off at some point, he still oversaw one of the most successful gaming IP's of last gen. Sure, it wasn't all his doing, but you don't get to his position without knowing a thing or two.

That said, if he wants to give up, then do so and stop looking for others to show sympathy or empathy. No one likes a quitter, and its hard to take him seriously when he said before he was going to retire, only to go and make his own game company and game.

DarXyde566d ago

"Good"? Why is that good? It sounds like he has failed because people are spiteful because of his behavior rather than making bad games.

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Sm00thNinja567d ago

Damn that's unfortunate. Feelings aside this was the man behind Gears of War. Which was a big part of the Xbox's history

doggo84567d ago

Gears 1 was ground breaking for its time

Baza567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

This guy lived off Gears 1 for way too long. He washed up a long time ago. Was tired of hearing him talk. Arrogant and full of himself. Good riddance.

RedDevils566d ago

Funny thing is I never like Gear.

ziggurcat566d ago

I dunno... I played the remaster - I had never played Gears before, and it didn't seem like it was all that ground-breaking of a game, even for the time it would have been released. Perhaps I just need some context as to why it's considered to be innovative/ground-breaking?

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solideagle567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

I think Cliffy and David Jaffe are same in terms of career right now.

Post GeOW and GOW, both have not had any success.

CertifiedGamer567d ago

David Jaffe is leagues ahead of Cliffy B.

rdgneoz3567d ago

@Certified I love Jaffe, but besides Twisted Metal and GoW he has not really done anything amazing. Since 2012 (PS3 Twisted Metal), he's only done Drawn to Death which was a failure (played the beta for less than a day... Was OK, nothing great and was crap when it went F2P) and shut his company down. Cliffy hasn't really done anything big since 2011 either, though he did worked on Unreal, Gears, Bulletstorm, and Shadow Complex before that. They're both around the same level in terms of careers now with neither really doing anything of note in the past 6 or 7 years (ignoring remastering old games for new systems).

Kerppamaister567d ago

Who is David Jaffe? Was he that bad-ass dude in Stargate SG-1?

spicelicka567d ago

And revolutionary for third person shooters! To this day there is no multiplayer like it.

jagermaster619567d ago

That's what happens when you let money and chicks (dudes) get to you....

Sm00thNinja567d ago

Not sure what happened I heard lawbreakers was actually fun. He just really alienated people by choosing sides

rainslacker566d ago (Edited 566d ago )


I don't think Lawbreakers problems were because he alienated the Xbox community. The Xbox community wasn't even a customer for this game. The Sony community either didn't care about him, or wasn't too fond of him, but I doubt the bulk of the players on PS would have been swayed by it. Just maybe a a small group within the community.

Lawbreakers just couldn't compete against things like Overwatch, and he tried to enter a market that was already over saturated and he didn't have the resources, or the scope of game, to compete on that level.

@Iam below

Absolutely correct. Love or hate the man, he was behind one of the most influential games of all time. Even Uncharted was changed from its original premise so Sony could have something to go against Gears, and as good as UC is, I'd say it never actually achieved that same level of IP recognition.

Imalwaysright566d ago

Considering that most if not all TPS today have a cover system and an over the shoulder view, GeOW wasn't just important for Xbox. It was and still is important for the whole industry. One of the most influential games of all time that defined as of right now 2 generations.

Sm00thNinja566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

This ^^^^

Was cliffyb a bit of a douche canoe maybe, but he'll I can think of plenty of douche canoes in the industry .... Tomonobu Itagaki comes to mind but he had a pretty big imprint on the fighting game community with Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden in the action genre. Can't deny their contributions to the industry

Moe-Gunz566d ago

Killswitch and others did it first.

STARS566d ago

Resident Evil 4 was far more revolutionary to the TPS genre with its OTS camera view way before Gears. Gears is s very good series, but let’s not get carried away here.

And yes, while it was a groundbreaking series for Xbox at the time, by no means has it defined two generations for all consoles lol.

In regards to Cliff, that’s unfortunate to hear. Despite how smug the guy can always appear to be, he was still a good dev who brought some nice ideas to the table. Like him or not.

Imalwaysright566d ago (Edited 566d ago )


Didn't say that Gears was original. I said that it was influential and Gears is a kilswitch spiritual successor. Epic hired the person (don't remember his name) that was responsible for Killswitch cover system however it was vastly improved in it. Anyway the modern cover system is prevelant in this industry due to Gears, not Killswitch. Many of us wouldn't even know about Killswitch if it wasn't for Gears.


Both RE4 and Gears are extremely influential. RE4 over the shoulder view and aiming system is also prevelant in TPS and Cliffy said that RE4 was a huge inspiration for Gears however RE4 didn't have the cover system.

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SegaGamer567d ago

Why does this guy always come across so edgy?

elazz567d ago

His ego developed badly after some successful games.

darthv72567d ago

I think he got really full of himself after Gears 2

SirenAries567d ago

I wouldn't say edgy I would say arrogant.

PurpHerbison567d ago

I tend to appreciate people that aren't afraid to speak their minds in this day and age.

Relientk77567d ago

Yea sure Cliffy lol. I don't believe it.

Spurg567d ago

He only works well when their is a leash on him.
Ms need to start a new studio with him at the helm.