Why is Sony Skipping E3 2019?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "In a stunning turn of events, Sony has announced that for the first time in the event’s 25 year history they would be forgoing attending the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo, not just skipping out on a traditional press conference but choosing to not even have a booth on the show floor. While many gamers have expressed disappointment at this decision and the fact that Sony won’t have a first party presence at the show it’s also raising a whole host of questions, many of which we can only speculate on at this time as to the future of not only the PlayStation brand but of E3 as the be all / end all gaming trade show. "

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Eonjay885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

Actually for the longest time Gamescom has been bigger. I don't think you can predict what happens to the brand as a whole. My guess is that they will start doing Directs like Nintendo or they trying to revamp their own show. What killed E3 for me last year was the massive amount of leaks. What is the point of waiting for the show if there are no surprises?

Atanasrikard884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Yes but hasn't Gamescom always been open to the public whereas E3 was a press only event until recently? That, however, is beside the point. Gamescom hasn't even come close to bigger when it comes to revealing new hardware/software.

As someone else has said, E3 is like the Superbowl of videogames. The casual person/gamer doesn't care about gaming conventions most of the time but they know about E3. Maybe it's true that E3 doesn't have the punch it once had but I really don't see it.

All of this is moot though as I am sure Sony is working on some sort of event of their own so they don't have to share the stage with anyone.

darthv72884d ago

I can't help but feel there is a double standard with this news. Many are saying that its no big deal and E3 isnt what it used to be but if it was MS that said they were skipping E3 you'd better believe it everyone would be saying this is the end of xbox and good riddance as there is nothing of interest.

To me, sony skipping E3 is a big deal but only because we all pretty much know it is related to their PS5 reveal. They can't do it at PSX because they canceled that. They wont do it at E3 because they just canceled that so its obvious they will do it on their own dime at their own time.

Obscure_Observer884d ago


"Maybe it's true that E3 doesn't have the punch it once had but I really don't see it."

E3 2013 was the place where Sony revealed the PS4 and their vision for the console which destroyed the competition and made the PS4 the number one console for gamers thus far.

rainslacker884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

If MS skipped E3, I'd probably think they were dropping out of the console race, because they can't help but put themselves in the press at every opportunity. It would be such a departure from their typical MO, that I'd be wondering if there was more to it than just them deciding to do something elsewhere.

Sony, OTOH, has been quietly, or not so quietly, bowing out of several big conferences, or changing their routine all generation, and don't spend an inordinate amount of time hyping themselves up at every turn, so when they say they're not going to E3, it just fits better into the notion that they want to be more direct with their customers, because for the past E3's, it's been more about being more intimate, and getting back to the games. They don't need a press conference to show off games.

That said, I do think Sony skipping it is a big deal. but it's not going to cause them any problems going forward that I can think about. The way we get news is a lot different than it used to be. And Sony can release more news, with better control, instead of lumping it all into a 60-90 minute press conference, where half the articles are about 4-5 minutes of what might have been shown at that conference, and the other half are about who won E3. Why spend millions of dollars for a long press conference, when 90% of the content basically gets ignored anyways.....and the media and community are the one's that ignore 90% of the news from E3.

King_Noctis884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Stop trying to downplay the importance of E3 just because Sony doesn’t attend it. Gamescom has never been as big as E3 no matter how much spin you put on it.

Eonjay884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

I made no comment on the importance of anything. I was responding to the statement "E3 as the be all / end all gaming trade show". That simply isn't accurate so to say how could Sony's decision effect its status as be 'all/end all' gaming show doesn't make sense. Its a logical fallacy. First E3 would have to be the only show in town. That is what I was saying. Gamescom is actually literally bigger than E3 in real world terms. There is nothing to spin. You can argue importance, but you will be doing that by yourself, because I never commented on that.

Gazondaily883d ago

Yeah I'm seeing a lot of people downplay E3 now like it's irrelevant when it's been the biggest annual gaming event previously.

Zeldafan64884d ago

Nintendo is great at making sure their huge surprises aren't leaked.

gamer7804885d ago

skipping because they don't have enough to show, although I'd argue you still try to show some third party and talk about the future, also try to get something planned. I think having a mediocre show is better than not having a show while MS does and Nintendo at least does a Direct if they don't attend.

mark_parch884d ago

seems reasonable to me , not sure why you have so many down votes

monkey602884d ago

I'm guessing it's because many disagree with what he said

Microsoft had a great E3 2018 but for the few years prior to it they had quite a bad run. And developed a new reputation for it.

Sony skipping next year because they aren't ready to show what they have in store yet is already bubbling up hype. Much more so than if they were to attend and show little or nothing. I don't see how that's such a bad move really.

Disappointing maybe but definitely not disastrous

gamer7804884d ago

Well it's n4g isn't skews towards sony normally, but they can disagree doent make me or anyone else more correct, I'd just prefer they at least do a conference of some sort near e3 but they aren't. Missing both psx and e3 I don't think is a good decision from a marketing standpoint.

DVAcme884d ago

Pfft. They're saving their big guns for PSX 2019 and will unveil the PS5, that's my theory. Not having enough to show? Like Microsoft DOES? Last year's MS show was basically a 3rd-party showcase.

itsmebryan884d ago

That's what people said about PSX 2018 after apoor E3 showing. They either have nothing to show or are short on cash. Nothing else makes since. MS has been making big moves and Sony has been quite since Spiderman. We all know Sony like to show games long before they have a release date and sometimes with out a name. Have heard something different?

Dreamcatcher45884d ago (Edited 884d ago )


I don't think you need to worry about PlayStations financial status. It's the healthiest of them all. However E3 is a showing about games, not the companies future, and If they allready mapped out their plans of released games until the ps5 release, then why force an E3 upon us? It would just be the same whining as last year.

sprinterboy884d ago

Do you think moving fwd all trailers from nxt year onwards will be nxt gen?
Edit : I'm thinking psx will be moved fwd to september and maybe a ps5 release April 2020 ( gives year 1 early adopters a chance to buy ps5 b4 the usual launch console shortages around Xmas launches of past)

badz149884d ago


there is no such thing as PSX2018

gamer7804884d ago

both microsoft and Sony will be releasing consoles most likely in 2020 , that points to reveals sometime in 2019 probably late 2019 for both of them.

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CarlDechance884d ago

You can be certain Sony has plenty to show. They are just not ready to. Remember, Sony already has a number of PS4 first party AAA titles coming out in the next two years. The next batch of PS exclusives will more than likely coincide with the PS5 reveal.

sprinterboy884d ago

"The next batch of PS exclusives will more than likely coincide with the PS5 reveal."
Exactly, you can bet your house that the usual yearly games like fifa, bf, cod, pes etc are in the works already.

Atanasrikard884d ago

If they aren't ready to that means they have nothing to show, just fyi. Who is teaching our children these days?

CarlDechance884d ago

"If they aren't ready to that means they have nothing to show"

Saying they have nothing to show could just as well imply they have nothing at all. My point was to refute that implication, even if it wasn't intended. Modifying the statement with the word "ready" changes it entirely so no, you cannot equate those statements at all.

"Who is teaching our children these days?"

Hopefully not you.

Gridknac884d ago

Your right despite the down votes. Cmon, E3 is like the Superbowl of gaming. You don't just no show the championship game that you have dominated in the last 4-5 yrs. If nothing else you at least make an appearance and rally the fans. Now if Sony has its own show during that week, then nothing lost. A E3 without Sony is like Christmas with no Santa! Lol

sprinterboy884d ago

Rally the fans? That would be the MS gamers who need rallying then

rainslacker884d ago

Rally the fans? To do what exactly?

Sony fans seem pretty rallied all gen to me. A press conference doesn't really change that.

Wallstreet37884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Not enough to show? Lol if your an experienced gamer you'd know Sony has more in development than any other and have plenty to show. Not to mention how many ppls beloved companies go and show the same games at E3 for 3 consecutive years with a few indies and 3rd party games thrown in. Let's not be naive, it has nothing to do with nothing to show. It's way bigger than that.

Dont be surprised if their going all in and planning a big PS5 reveal a few months after :) E3 last few years has been becoming less relevant as companies been doing their own shows at their own pace.

MoshA884d ago

Probably because they still have 5-10 more exclusives to show than Microsoft. Cba to list them.

xsta1ker884d ago

the only way sony shows 5-10 exclusives is with that are 4 to 5 yrs out and would be cgi at best
sony only has 2 AAA exclusives for 2019 Death Stranding Days Gone.

Weeblordbad884d ago


You're missing Ghosts of Tsushima, Dreams and The Last of Us. So even if that's all they have for 2019, Sony still has a solid year of known quantities.

They gain nothing showing off TLOU 2 again, what if the money spent on E3 was put towards properly advertising Ghosts of Tsushima or Dreams? That sounds better to me than an E3 dominated by games you already knew about.

crazyCoconuts884d ago

Even if they don't have as much to show as last time, do you really think they have hit an all time 25 year low this year? It has to be bigger than just that. While it's certainly possible they're getting cocky again, they have to know the impact on influential gamers of not showing up to the biggest gaming party of the year.

UCForce884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

It’s more about keep expectations low and I think it’s smart decision for Sony. From what I understand, Sony will have their own event, but not around from E3. Besides, I’m happy with PS4 and Sony going to keep their momentum for 5 years. For MS and Nintendo, good luck to them but I afraid the arrogance will take them over. Just saying.

boing1884d ago

They are not attending because they don't have to. That's a scary message for competition IMO.

rainslacker884d ago

Or maybe skipping because they're tired of people saying they didn't show anything, when they have a 60 minute show that pretty much showed all they have to offer?

How can we as gamers blame these companies for going another route, when we just take notice of a few highlights, then discuss who won E3, or say how the show sucked, and they've shown it all before, or they showed it too soon, or how whatever they showed is going to cause them to fail, or bomb?

Sony, or any company, can release anything nowadays without the help of an expensive press conference, and get the same attention, without having to share it with any other game or company.

The conferences are cool and all, because they do put so much effort into them, but that doesn't mean they're really necessary.

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Mr_cheese885d ago

They're pulling a Rockstar.

Joking aside, I think that it's a smart decision if they feel they aren't ready to play their hand for next Gen and I'm not opposed to them showing stuff through a different outlet.

They've already stated that they will be engaging in different ways in 2019 so it isn't like they're withdrawing from the public completely, just from the annual shows.

Be interesting to see how 2019 plays out.

crazyCoconuts884d ago

I love how creative their games are, but I'd be ok if the event planners weren't all doped up during the planning session. Last few years they started breaking out the bongos and belly dancers, this year they got high and decided to do it in the cloud. Watch a virtual E3 show via PSVR and try all the demos fro. The comfort of your own home and PSNow. I'm just kidding, but I wouldn't bee too surprised given how creative they've been with these events. Me, I like a good ol fashioned presentation with some awesome bombshells

crazyCoconuts884d ago

Oh, and I wished their leadership talked to us a little more about what's going on. Not like the other company that's talking all the time, but somewhere in the middle. It's like Sony is run by ninjas... :-)

spicelicka884d ago

Have they announced their own event in its place? That's the only way it wouldn't be disappointing.

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