Rumor: PS5 Announcement Set for Mid-2019 & Major Reveal at PSX 2019, Release Planned for 2020

A new rumor from an accurate leaker states that the PS5 reveal is set for mid-2019, with the full reveal planned at PSX 2019! Release is planned for 2020!

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THC CELL23d ago

Ps 5 gunna be a monster of a console

UltraNova23d ago

How's so? Break it down for the sake of discussion.

kingtoby208123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The exclusives will be a monster. Isn't that the reason we buy consoles?

Eonjay23d ago

I think they mean raw horsepower. But I think we all expected that fro. Next gen.

bluefox75523d ago

Considering they're able to make the best looking games on any platform, despite a hardware power disparity, I think we can expect PS5 to blow us away. Especially with the new ryzen CPUs, the jaguar cores have been a major bottleneck.

Shikoku23d ago

If rumors are true Sony has basically paid AMD to have the exclusive rights for a while to the new Navi gpu also if rumors are correct it will have a 2 tbs hhd, Navi 12 gpu, Zen+ Ryzen 5 CPU and 12 to 16gbs of Gddr6. The gains PS5 will see over the Ps4 in just terms of preformance with a Ryzen based APU is some where in the neiborhood of minimum 40% if Im remembering right but that could be wrong, Ryzen + Navi means we should see 1440p/60FPS as a standard with games easily hit checkboard 4k 30 or even 60fps.

steven83r23d ago

Probably that's how its been for years. It upgrades as time goes on. Of course it's going to be a beast. They have to 1 up the X. And GPU cards and chips are getting better and cheaper.

InTheZoneAC23d ago

Exclusives, now block yourself

zackeroniii23d ago

Really nova? Does that really need a breakdown? Are you living under a rock of some sort? Are you just acting ignorant to the monster that the PS4 already is? Please...break it down for us.

UltraNova23d ago

Oh you sensitive boys crack me up haha...

I was actually expecting Thc cell to give me an actual breakdown of the ps5 specs he expects /hopes so we can.... discuss it.

Cool the heck down...

bouzebbal23d ago

I want a new Killzone so bad!!!!
But change of plans with conferences has to do with future plans..

ABizzel123d ago


Realistically the PS5 should be around Ryzen 2600 + Vega 56 / Vega 64 hardware wise depending on when the console launches.

Navi upper mid-range 680/690 or 780/790 cards should be around 9 - 12 TFLOPS, and the PS5 is more than likely using a custom/modified version of one of those cards to power its GPU (most likely the 690/780/790).

So you can look at any Ryzen 2700 + Vega 64 video to see the PS5's max performance for the majority of 3rd party games that'll be on it.

The big change and major focus for next-gen will be CPU and Graphics Memory. They will have the biggest impact on next-gen gaming with higher bandwidths and up to 16GB of memory allowing for 4K textures which will make game worlds look better overall with closer to life materials like metal, wood, terrain deformation, etc... And the CPU side just making game world more interactive, such as entering buildings and being able to explore multiple rooms within them freely, larger game worlds, better physics, better simulations, and for PlayStation better VR support.

There's your next-gen, except you'll have better textures and more happening onscreen. Also instead of being 1080p @ 100+ fps, you're looking at 1440p and higher upscaled to 4K / Native 4K resolutions with gaming running at 30fps / 60fps. Expected a lot of 1800p upscaled to 4K and graphics modes / performance modes to become standard in more games.

Skull52123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Darn would have liked some rumored specs. Sounds about right for a timeline, glad we aren’t gonna see another 8 year generation that was much too long.

I feel like though these mid generation consoles are going to make the new consoles not quite as exciting. I mean we’re already seeing 4K30 and 4K60.

deathtok23d ago

Monster: a thing or animal that is excessively or dauntingly large.

...use it in a sentence: The first version of PS5 will be a monster but we can expect a slim release eventually.

doggo8422d ago

Ok Yea sure, Sony are going back to their roots and making the ps5 as powerful as the ps1. Is that better?

salmonade22d ago

Can I say one thing, the "power" discussion will be DEAD next gen. All games will look great or at an acceptable level for mass consumers. Even now, it's practically dead. Xbox X fans are desperate to keep the train running but the vast majority don't care. The Pro games look amazing on a 75" 4k HDR Tv, I can attest to that.

It will NOT matter if Xbox or Playstation have the less powerful console next gen. The games, and more importantly, the exclusive games will matter most.

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DarkVoyager23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

“while Sony won’t have a PlayStation Experience event this year, the event will return next year, and bringing with it is the PS5!”

“PS experience returning, most devs already had dev kits for PS5 ( spoiler, it’s a monster)”

I figured Sony was prepping for a PS5 reveal.

Can’t even fathom what Sony Worldwide Studios will do with PS5.

bigmalky23d ago

Good, but please don't go into naming it Da Monster like the annoying One X users use Da Beast... It's embarrasing.

Cryptcuzz23d ago

I second this.

No matter how powerful PS5 is to current gen systems, just acknowledge how it is, but let's not give it cringe-worthy Nick names like some around have used in regards to the Xbox One X in the past.

OmnislashVer3623d ago

I wasn't even thinking of that, but that's a pretty good point.

rainslacker22d ago

God, I hope we don't have a repeat of that. Was the most annoying thing to see people claiming "Beast" on every single article about X1X.

Hope it's one of those times Sony fan boys can forgo the urge to just regurgitate the stupid things of the past to try and rub it in the opposing sides face.

DarXyde22d ago

They were calling it Da Beast before they knew anything beyond "6TF".

I agree though. No cringey monikers, please.

That aside, if true, then I was right to say that they'll probably hold an independent event where they can set their own rules.

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darthv7223d ago (Edited 23d ago )

It's also safe to assume that most of the footage shown of LoU2, Death Stranding, GoT are all done using PS5 kits. Not to undermine their PS4 releases but obviously to showcase these games in the best possible light.

It's not uncommon for developers/publishers to do this. PS5 is an evolution of PS4 so the architecture will be compatible. These games represent the last efforts of the PS4 and the shining new beginning of the PS5.

mkis00723d ago

Pretty sure all of them had "running on ps4pro" at thecend of each video.

rainslacker22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

It's safe to assume that.

But you'd still be wrong.

Just accept the PS4P and Sony's devs are capable of making good looking games.

darthv7222d ago

I can accept that, but I'm just saying it would not surprise me if the PS5 is able to play them equally if not better than what was initially shown. Those will be cross platform games.

rainslacker22d ago

I'm sure the PS5 could play them better considering its a newer console with significantly more power. But your assumption was that that most of that footage was shown on a next gen system, when the footage was shown on a PS4P, either based on the claim made by the trailer in question, or subsequent clarifications made by Sony.

It isn't uncommon to misrepresent a game, but it is uncommon for them to outright lie about the hardware it runs on. Especially nowadays when the perceptive eye can tell when a game is showing something that the system just wouldn't be capable of.

Sony devs have proven their talent this gen, so no reason to assume that what was shown was on a PS5...which is why you would be wrong to assume or otherwise.

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-volt-23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Better yes, a monster.. No.

Twinblade23d ago

And it's probably gonna cost at least $500 to $600 too.

HighPlayer2822d ago

Sony better not bring out a half step mid range ps5 console like they did with pro they need to go for broke because Phil will make sure Xbox for now on will create a high end premium experience and set benchmarks.

bigmalky22d ago

That still isn't selling anywhere near what they hoped.

gamer780422d ago

my ps4 is a monster thats for sure, fire up a game it sounds like its going to blow up my house.

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UltraNova23d ago

"I m seeing this as a strategy play. Let their competition announce their plans then take their time to restructure accordingly then come back at them at their own event.

Also ps5 will most likely be out Nov 2020 or even earlier in March/April if they announce in 2019 PSX. "

Thats ^^^ a comment of mine from another post, what the hell this guy is in my head.

sprinterboy23d ago

Exactly, watch the feedback from gamers from your competitors from E3 and adjust accordingly.

sampsonon23d ago

they wouldn't release the console so far away from Christmas. November is more likely.

parris23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I dunno, I'm not saying I fully disagree. But that said Sony has been releasing games early in the year with great success. Even if they release early in the year the holiday will still be there and they can have more games and do sales and things they likely wouldn't do with a holiday launch.

Cmv3823d ago

If the game plan is to fully stocked before black Friday....why not?

UltraNova23d ago

PS3 was released in March or April I believe 2007 in EU, their most important region so a similar release window is not unprecedented.

sampsonon23d ago


so wait a second. you think Sony, or any other company, would release a new piece of hardware so they can cut the price for BF? lol i needed that laugh.
thanks :)

sampsonon23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


i think you're underselling the power of Christmas shopping and the idea of parents putting that brand new console under the Christmas. people like to spend money for the holidays, and the closer the release to the holidays the more exposure the console will get in the end.

it's the same reason the big development companies release their games in November as well. it's not a secret.

SierraGuy22d ago

It will release in September of either 2019 or 2020 like the original PS1 commemorating the 25 year anniversary.

rainslacker22d ago

Sony didn't have an official price drop for Black Friday for two years after the PS4 released. The first official price drop came for the third holiday season, and lasted from the end of November, into January.

There is no reason for these console makers to drop their prices for the first year.

house22d ago

the switch proved that march works with the right marketing and a great launch game. i'm guessing they have both if they release in march which the rumors are pointing towards.

sampsonon22d ago

@house: "the switch proved that march works with the right marketing and a great launch game. i'm guessing they have both if they release in march which the rumors are pointing towards."

Nintendo doesn't follow any of the rules and shouldn't be looked at as the standard.
Sony will release their consoles closer to Christmas because they will be able to showcase the games at E3 and PSX 2020. simple

sampsonon22d ago

"I dunno, I'm not saying I fully disagree. But that said Sony has been releasing games early in the year with great success. Even if they release early in the year the holiday will still be there and they can have more games and do sales and things they likely wouldn't do with a holiday launch."

Sony releases games early in the year because the big MP games are released for the holidays and they don't want to go up against them. it's made and makes more sense to release their games when the market is less crowded.

releasing the ps5 in Nov with deals/bundles they acquire from the big MP games makes more sense and that is exactly what they've done.

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BLow23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Yes, I agree. They are playing chess at this point and waiting to see what the competition does especially you know who. They have more to prove than anyone. This is not a fanboy statement but just stating the facts. They lost me this gen and I will come back if they prove it to me especially with whatever Playground, Ninja Theory, and Obsidian is working on. I want new IPs and experiences that LOOK and FEEL AAA. The entire game not just certain pieces of it.

I really hoping the PS5 comes out in fall 2020. That would give enough time to give us the strongest possible console at a decent price. Coming out this year would be a waste the in my opinion.

Looking at all the games running on the Pro that we know are coming out is enough for me and the competition (in my eyes) are not even close. Why release a system in 2019 that is probably 8 or so tflops when you can wait until 2020 and release one at 9-12 possibly? I'm thinking something in the 9s or 10s. Anything higher and I'll be surprised because they need to keep the price down. We shall see and I'm upset about E3 and curious at the same time if that makes any sense....

parris23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The console isn't going to be significantly more powerful in fall 2020 versus late 2019 or early 2020. AMD is on track to release Navi in 2019 which will have a minimum of 3-5 years as AMD's high end GPU.

And here is another point of view. Microsoft has the x which is only 1 year old by releasing early they force Microsoft to either rush out a new console or be on last gen for a year or two. Giving Sony at a minimum a full year if not two where they are the only next gen console. And if Sony gets extra time they can easily plan an upgraded "Pro" console to compete with Microsoft's next gen entry. And even at a minimum if by going early they force Microsoft to rush out yet another new console it would likely cannibalize itself as convincing people who just bought a $500 x to buy another console a year or less after they bought an x for another $500 will be a hard sell.

Basically, imho it benefits Sony to go as early as possible at this point.

Count_Bakula22d ago

@parris But there's a flip side to that coin, as De Niro would say. I don't want them to rush out their console to get that possible advantage if it's not going to be as powerful as it could be, and doesn't fully represent "next gen" as well as it could. Pretty sure they know exactly what they're doing though.

parris22d ago


There is no way it's not going to be next gen, all the rumors over the past year have pointed out that it's a custom Ryzen/Navi hybrid. It's using all of AMD's newest hardware. If your a computer person the reality is there will always be more powerful hardware, they could wait 10 years and obviously it would be more powerful.

But the point is waiting from the end of 2019 to the end of 2020 there will be no change, Navi 12 releases in the first half of 2019, and Navi 20 doesn't release until early 2021. And those things are really pretty irrelevant again due to the fact that it will be a custom chip simply based on the hardware design.

kingtoby208123d ago

If that's true that's brilliant

shaggy230322d ago (Edited 22d ago )

One slight fly in the ointment to everyone saying the PS5 will be using latest tech from AMD for the APU.

Latest tech costs money, and lots of it.

Look at the PS4 and Xbox One, when they where released they weren't using the "Latest tech".

All I'm saying is at the moment it's all rumours, but one thing is for sure, if it's going yo be using "Latest tech" it'll $450 to $500.

kingtoby208122d ago

I think the PS5 can sell at that price especially if it has the exclusives

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XiNatsuDragnel23d ago

Sony is going break the industry in a good way

Gardenia23d ago

"Over on Reddit, user RuthenicCookie who posted about Sony’s non-appearance at E3 2019 hours before Sony announced it, let go of a few key details regarding the PS5."

I guess that makes him somewhat reliable

"PS experience returning, Most devs already have dev kits for ps5 ( Spoiler: It’s a monster)"

I wonder what that means. Will it be so powerful it will surprise everyone? Would be great if this is true

j15reed23d ago

If the PS5's a monster than the Scarlett is a high end PC day one. I can't wait!!!

Segata23d ago

I hope they don't make something so powerful middleware developers are left in the dust.

house22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

he did mention that all he can say that it will have an 8 core ryzen which in itself is insane. i guess sony said fuck bottle necks for this gen. "Only thing i can tell right now for specs is Ryzen 8 core, Price is 500$

PS VR 2 on the other hand will have no breaker box this time around it’ll be inside the console"

CaptainSellers23d ago

Would explain the E3 absence, and if this is the reason then I am all for it.

Action GO FIGURE22d ago

Sony too cool for E3. I actually prefer this route as they are more relevant to my gaming needs.

jjb198123d ago

I just hope it will be backwards compatible with my ps4 games. I have a huge backlog and would probably just trade my pro towards a new PS5. Sony would be foolish to not have backwards compatibility.

uGLYmE23d ago

Their PSNow model possibly won't allow for BC, but I too hope so. I haven't bought this many games for a system since NES.

CarlDechance23d ago

Why would PS Now not "allow for BC"? It is a separate service. Sony would basically be orphaning their massive install base by not including PS4 BC in PS5. No way can I see that happening especially considering PS5 will still be using AMD tech.

Ceaser985736123d ago

There have been listing where Sony has applied for BC for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. So I have a feeling Sony would do BC on PS5.

Mr_Writer8523d ago


Maybe not with PS3/2 or 1 but surely with 4.

Unless they want to kill PSVR stone dead.

What would make more sense, having one VR headset but having to have 2 consoles to play all VR games.

Or one console that plays both PS4 and PS5 PSVR games?

KukwesGaming23d ago

If I was a betting man I would say that all PS4 games will be backwards compatible and Microsoft will further curate games from Xbox One for their service. Sony is going to sweep the leg.

uGLYmE23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Lots of down votes, let me explain: They possibly won't implement BC so people have a reason to purchase their PS Now service.

I'm not saying I hope for that, but Sony has screwed us with BC before. Using the same CPU architecture this time should help though, Cell to x86 made BC impossible for PS3 ----> PS4