amiibo fans rejoice, these rare figures are set to re-release

Looking to complete your amiibo collection? Well now's your chance! Super Smash Bros.

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Fritzwochel681d ago

Rejoice?? This is inflation!

mcstorm681d ago

Do these still sell well? Not complaining just wondering.

Zeldafan64681d ago

They will this holiday season.

mcstorm681d ago

Yeah im sure they will just not seen news in abit about them but I expect Japan gamers go mad for them.

Zeldafan64680d ago

I've got 15 of them and there's a few more I plan on picking up.

mcstorm680d ago

Nice i have one someone got me a few years ago just for me never saw the excitement but get why others do.

ZeekQuattro680d ago

More than likely they are selling well otherwise Nintendo would of went the Skylanders and Disney Infinity route and discontinued Amiibo altogether.

mcstorm679d ago

I know that I just not seen new ones for ages that's why I asked.