Opinion: 3 Theories for Sony Skipping E3 2019

IGN - By sitting out E3 2019, Sony is taking a bold strategy leading up to the PS5’s reveal.

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stuckNhere4Good25d ago

Here's a theory. SIE pushed the Days Gone release from February 2019 to April 2019, and is skipping E3 2019 because it wants to announce PS5 at its own event in February to great fanfare.

Sm00thNinja25d ago

Why announce it in February 2019 to release in 2020? More than likely during the holiday period. No Sony still has big releases to tide over Playstation fans until PS5. THE LAST OF US 2, Days Gone, to name a couple. Why take steam away from their already forward momentum by announcing the PS4 successor.

Unfortunately I don't think we'll hear too much until their own private PSX like event until after E3. We'll probably get a lot of controlled leaks leading up to it.

Eonjay25d ago

Wasn't the PS4 reveal early in the year like February?

stuckNhere4Good25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

You say holiday 2020... I say holiday 2019. SIE will look to use the waning forward momentum of PS4 to blunt losses associated with launching PS5.

Also, there are some telling lines in the statement SIE released... They read: "We are looking at events as a whole and how we can speak more to our fans and continue to wow them. The timing of PSX and E3 didn't allow for that,"... "But lots of exciting things to come, and we hope to share shortly."

If the timing of PSX and E3 didn't allow SIE to "speak more to our fans and continue to wow them" with what they "hope to share shortly", then that must mean PSX was too early and E3 is too late. Based on past precedent (PS4), February/holiday 2019 is the only month/season that makes sense to me for an announcement/launch.

I_am_Batman25d ago

@Eonjay: Yes it was in February 2013. E3 was pretty important for them that year. The timing was: Announcement in Frebruary > E3 in June > Launch in November.

Euphemism25d ago

Because if they launch it when the love for PS4 has dwindled, the numbers on the report gonna look bad. Especially when most are unsure if to jump or not ...

So they have to release it when the momentum is still strong/good (PS4) ... that way should they fuvk up the ps5 launch the good sales of PS4 will cover up the red numbers.

Spec wise releasing it a year later gonna change nothing. 2019 and 2020 gonna use the same specs less/more beffier.

It would be a dumb decision not to launch it on the same fokking days as their first console ... 25 years later.

No new games have been shown to us, since e3 2017? ... missing games are wild and deep down. Everything else is known, from days gone to death Stranding.

Jan to August
Dreams, Days Gone
September to end of October
Death Stranding, Ghost of Thusima
December 3rd, 25 years later
PS5 Amateur with Tlou2 (will launch jan.2020 for PS4)

2020 Fall
Xbone Two
2022 Fall
PS5 Pro vs Switch 2

PS6 streaming box $99

We land on Mars, using 3x PS 7 in sli.


DarXyde25d ago

It's not taking steam away if* PS5 will enhance PS4 games well beyond PS4 Pro. That would more or less ensure the transition is smooth, they keep their fans, and great software will be available at launch.

neutralgamer199225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Ps5 announcement February 2019. Ps5 release in November 2019.

If true sounds awesome. There is a reason Sony went out of their way to say they will only show already know exclusive games at last year's E3. They are ready for ps5

People just can't accept the fact Ps5 is happening in 2019. Sony isn't aboit to give up a huge advantage of coming out a full year before next Xbox and take control of the next Gen market. That's what ms did with Xbox 360. Sony could have delayed the pro to match or surpass the specs or Xbox x but they chose to release it a year before do their next console comes out a year before next Xbox

Available on launch day with ps5

The last of us 2
Days gone
God of war

Death stranding early 2020

Sony went out of their way to only show already know exclusives at E3. They cancelled PSX because their event will be held in early 2019 to reveal ps5

They can hold another event around August or September to really hype up Ps5. Business wise releasing Ps5 in 2019 makes way too much sense. Xbox fans can deny all they want ps4 is the market leader and Ps5 will have an install base of 12-15 million by the time next Xbox is released

blacktiger25d ago

PS4 was revealed in the February. And released the year after on holiday

Sm00thNinja25d ago

Man it's sad to know the PS4 it's near the end of it's life. The Pro and Xbox One X imo gave new life to both consoles. I still feel like there's so much we can do and the PS4 could easily be on a 10 year cycle.

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I_am_Batman25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Seems unlikely. If they were to announce it in February 2019 and launch in let's say November 2019 (same months as PS4) they'd want to be at E3. I think them not being at E3 indicates that the PS5 announcement event is scheduled for after E3 2019.

RosweeSon25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Too early they not announcing anything til the PS4 has cleared the 100 million mark then they’ll talk

Skull52125d ago

You don’t schedule a new console release revolving around a sales milestone of another device.

darthv7225d ago

Not likely. The PS2 was revealed before the PS1 had passed 100 million I'm sure PS5 will be revealed before the PS4 reaches 100 million as well.

Keep in mind that just because a new system is announced, it doesnt all of a sudden stop the existing one from selling. If anything it sparks interest due to the eventual price reduction that takes place months prior to release.

RosweeSon24d ago

Didn’t say they did but you also don’t release or even announce a new console when your current one is still selling many million consoles. What I’m saying is you’ll hear something more official once that milestone is cleared not because they cleared the milestone because let’s face it once they get to 100 million sales there’s not an awful lot more to get 25/50 maybe... what with Xbox and switch tho unlikely but they are in absolutely no rush to release a ps5

CarlDechance25d ago

Skipping E3 after revealing PS5 makes absolutely no sense at all. Reveal early 2020. Launch Fall 2020.

stuckNhere4Good25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I didn't say a reveal in February, I said an announcement (like PS4's... ).

The reveal could happen after a February announcement and the release of Days Gone in April, but before E3 (June 11-13, 2019). In this scenario, the month of May is the only likely candidate for a reveal.

darthv7225d ago

I'd say they would try for a September release in 2020. Perhaps 9/9/20 to coincide with the 9/9/95 of the PS1. 25 year anniversary of Playstation worldwide.

AngelicIceDiamond24d ago

Its very simple to what Sony is doing. All of Sony's unannounced projects are on PS5. Its clear Sony doesn't have anything to show in the coming year so when 2020 comes along they'll announce PS5 that I'm very certain of. Sony's been killing for far too long now so they're taking a break to freshin up for a killer 2020.

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WitcheRivia25d ago

They censored themselves from E3.

rpvenom24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Why the downvotes lol.. i'm a sony fanboy and can still appreciate this jk

SegaSaturn66925d ago

It's DEFINITELY PS5/ PS4 portable.

sprinterboy25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Wasn't it also ps4 5th birthday yesterday?

It hard to come to any conclusions why no show @E3 but I guess it's all hands on deck with ps5 games now and it's either too early to announce the games next yr or Sony just thought its best not too have one.

With us gamers all getting hyped for conferences which would have been lacking and maybe have been a negative rather than a positive ie we expect a ps5 announcement and maybe a trailer but didn't get it.
The Internet would have been all MS won E3, Sonys fucked up again with no nxt gen announcement etc etc.
Edit" at the end of the day we'll be playing ps5 games in either 1yrs time, 17/18mths time (April may 2020) or holiday 2020.
When we get the official announcement my guess is a special event and/or psx plus obviously some mind blowing game announcements @E3 2020 if its holiday 2020.

rainslacker24d ago

I really think people are reading too much into it.

E3 is expensive, and they probably didn't feel the cost justified the gains they got from being there. A press conference takes months to plan, and can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on. In the end, most of what they show goes unnoticed, as a few things tend to take the most limelight.

So I can see why they'd want to try something different going forward....especially since marketing nowadays can be as simple as posting a video on YouTube, and issuing a press release.

Obscure_Observer20d ago (Edited 20d ago )


"E3 is expensive, and they probably didn't feel the cost justified the gains they got from being there."

Please, just stop! Sony just doesn´t have enough or significant content to show for the PS4 to justify the investments. That´s all! E3 was the vitrine that impulsed the PS4 right to the top from day one with all that "share your games" moto.

"So I can see why they'd want to try something different going forward....especially since marketing nowadays can be as simple as posting a video on YouTube, and issuing a press release."

Goin foward? Man, wake up! Sony will be back at E3 2020, and i already can see you telling people how you can see why they´re back! Stop making excuses for every dumb/mesleading decision made by Sony and start to see this industry for what it really is fcs!

rainslacker20d ago

Sony has more "significant content" than the other two companies combined for the next two years. Maybe we know it all...or maybe we don't since they stated they have other stuff coming for PS4 as well they haven't revealed yet.

Maybe they'll be back, then people can shut the hell up about it. Who cares? When MS comes to E3 and shows nothing but Forza, a few Gears games, a teaser for Halo, and a bunch of multi-plat games, it's a waste. It's a waste for Sony to show what they've already shown. But there is plenty of content from them coming. Get over it, because Sony is not just suddenly lacking in content because they aren't attending E3.

Sony won't be affected by this at all, and it's rather funny you think this decision is so dumb that they would be. MS can't afford to miss E3. They need to make a fuss over nothing because they can't appear like they're becoming increasingly irrelevant for this gen. Sony and now Nintendo are doing fine, and Nintendo wasn't harmed by not being at E3, so why would is it a dumb decision for Sony maybe doing the same thing? E3 may have been where Sony killed the X1, but the reality is is that MS killed it at the reveal. Sony just capitalized on it....and the little sharing games video was probably the most damaging and viral anti-X1 marketing spot from the whole show, and it wasn't even official, and was an improvisation made at the last minute, and could have been done without E3.

So stop with the hyperbole like Sony is now doomed over this. Only Xbox fan boys care, and they seem to be under this impression that Sony fans should somehow be upset over this, when we all seem quite content with the content they're bringing.

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