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Since its debut, Battlefield V has been facing an uphill battle due to its poor marketing campaign. However, Battlefield V successfully captures the essence of what's this franchise such a monumental hit with fans and critics. The single-player is unexciting and serves as a passable tutorial for the multiplayer but like past entries in this franchise, Battlefield V is about large-scale multiplayer combat. And that's where Battlefield V's best moments exist, on the large maps against dozens of players in destructive warfare.

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Skull52124d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Played a few multiplayer rounds. Definitely has a number of glitches. I don't know how companies can put out games in this state, the one month delay was not enough, should have done 3 or even 6, whatever was needed for a polished product, because this isn't one. Just HAD to hit that sacred November release, apparently far more important than a finished game. Are we really handing out 8/10 for unfinished games? How about some honesty and give it the 6/10 it deserves and say it has potential but it's a buggy mess right now. Might keep them from doing it again if it had a 50 metacritic score criticizing the state of the game.

boing124d ago

Played 4 hours on Pro yesterday. Not sure what glitches you're talking about. So far I've seen nothing game breaking, just usual Frostbite bugs. Plays great and weapons feel amazing. Return to form after BF1 IMO.

Skull52124d ago

I got in a round that would not let me spawn. I’d consider that game breaking.

Hungryalpaca23d ago

It’s the exact same game as bf1 without random bullet deviation.

There’s TONS of glitches. In the 8 hours I’ve played -

7 crashes

My character ALWAYS glitches and clips through objects upon death

Inability to pick up weapons

My unlocks don’t unlock

Sound constantly cuts out

My fps is either 120fps or 15

Constant freezing.

Should I continue?

boing123d ago

I had none of what you're saying. Sorry. Did you play with latest patch?

Hungryalpaca23d ago

Seriously. Every single time you die, the characters bodies glitch and spasm into the revive state and they often are clipping through walls.

This level of customization kills the WWII vibe.

I’m either getting 120fps or 15.

It’s crashed numerous times

I’ve used 8 hours of my trial. Don’t plan on using my last 2.