The E3 Press Conference That Won PS4 the Generation

The PlayStation 4 has hit its 5th anniversary, so let’s look back on how it started with a bang.

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Apocalypse Shadow24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

E3 2013 in a nutshell

Dat Samurai Jack killed it. Trent was a show stealer and mic dropper.

By the way,good article.

darthv7223d ago

that was pretty funny and MS certainly deserved to get knocked down a peg or two. but in all seriousness, all the xbo was guilty of, when it came to used games, was you having to buy them from an authorized retailer (like gamestop). So it didnt really stop you from buying and playing used games, just from passing them around in the open market. I buy a lot of used games and mostly through GS so it wouldnt have bothered me but i didnt like their not giving the consumer the choice to pass them around in the open market.

I did like their game sharing idea though. I buy a copy and then digitally share it with others. I liked doing that on the PS3 and was keen on MS supporting the same idea but that was nixed as well when they "flipped the switch"

yomfweeee23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Being forced to buy/sell used through Gamestop would be worse than going full digital.

Instead of trying to sell a used game for $55 like they do now you'd only get a $2 discount if they cornered the market.

Instead of them offering $20 for a brand new game, they'd offer you $10.

rainslacker23d ago (Edited 23d ago ) that all?

Not the required internet connection? Or the Kinect used to gauge your reactions to ads so it knew what kinds of ads to target towards you, which they actually promoted as a feature? Not a included Kinect that no one wanted? Not the potential for them to charge you per viewer for a streamed rental....which again they talked about as a selling point?

And sure...the used game restrictions were really only preventing you from passing around games. not taking a cut of the sale if you decided to trade them in, or sell them to another person...essentially making it over-complicated, and restricting the market.

Yeah, i can see your point. Nothing wrong with any of that stuff except the used games.

"not giving the consumer the choice to pass them around in the open market. "

Even if that is all they were guilty of, that's more than enough. And their game sharing wasn't part of E3. That was a scramble attempt to try and justify their DRM policies, and it was never explained well, and seemed impractical considering that publishers wouldn't even allow Sony to allow game sharing with 5 games. It actually seemed like they hadn't even intended to do that, or at least didn't have that finalized.

During that time, I hardly saw a single person defend MS over what they were doing. Even the media was all over them for all those slights above. It's cool you want to rewrite history, but you are in the extreme minority of thinking on what they did wrong. It cost them the generation, and people aren't going to forget because a few people on the internet try to make it seem like it wasn't such a big deal.

DevilHunterDante23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Aah I remember this press conference with Jack Tretton. It was epic. The crowd were literally chanting SONY SONY SONY at the end. I think KH3 got announced too.

rainslacker23d ago

It was a tear jerking moment really. Jack looked so humbled and happy the people were happy. Kind of a shame it was his last E3.

MWH23d ago

I think that was the moment that cemented Sony's momentum, and of course the tsunami of great games that came after.

The 360 was an amazing console, in my opinion it was last gen's best and to see how MS managed to shoot itself in the foot like this is disheartening but they deserve it, maybe they learn how not to let idiots lead the way.

PhoenixUp23d ago

PS4 would’ve won the generation regardless

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