Battlefield V Has The Weirdest Launch I've Ever Seen

Three different release dates, missing modes, and plenty of bugs: this is Battlefield V.

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Shuckylad29d ago

As gamer's whom spend a lot of money buying these products, we should not stand for these incomplete products that have to drip feed us fixes and patches over the next 6 months until my package is up to standard. what other medium does this. imagine music or movies adopting this approach....

InKnight7s29d ago

This, Fallout 76, Black Ops 4. We all should stop supporting these developers.

InputTranslation29d ago

Black Ops 4 dont need single player campaign to be complete

Unreal0129d ago

Don't forget Sea of Thieves. Prime example.

xRacer74x29d ago

GT Sport was like this as well and Driveclub at launch.

elazz29d ago

In some ways movies do with director's cut, extended editions etc. And sometimes they release with unfinished cgi or cheap Cgi.

monkey60229d ago

That's not the same at all. Running time restrictions and budgets are key factors there. They aren't being held back with the intention of selling later

T2X29d ago

Music and movies are a completely different passive media.

Omnisonne29d ago

There's an easy fix for that, wait a full year before buying. If you don't mind playing your games a bit later than your friends.
Not only are most games fully patched by then, they often have all DLCs included, making for a much more complete experience as well as price drops on sales.

Fluxour29d ago

Unfortunately music is already starting to go down this route. See: Kanye's Life of Pablo

AlexMuncatchy29d ago

Music has been doing this for a few years now, unfortunately. The thing people just don't seem to comprehend is that digital "editions" of ANY media can have rather massive consequences when the question of ownership comes up. We stream movies and music, we consume these things quickly, right when they release, perhaps to listen to that one album at least once. But if you don't have it in your hands, it can morph and change. New songs can be added, tv shows and movies can be dropped from a digital catalog, and servers can simply go offline.

Battlefield has always been going towards the whole "games as a service" concept. Release it now, patch it later. Use marketing gibberish to say, "these games are going to evolve organically, and change. We are listening to your feedback." Any time any game, no matter who releases it says anything even remotely like that, our collective brains should read it as, "this is a 60 dollar early access game."

Besides, according to the vast amount of early adopters for these types of experiences, while pay playtesters and have a quality assurance department when gamers will happily provide that service and pay YOU for the privilege.

The larger gaming community can be unbelievably stupid sometimes.

-volt-29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Sadly, today it's all about pleasing shareholders.

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PapaBop29d ago

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, buy now, get content later, pay extra and get less content early, pay even extra and get the same less content even earlier.. EA Games everybody.

Baza29d ago

And don’t worry guys, microtransactions on the way! They can’t even get the base game complete. What a joke.


If you only buy battlefield for its MP then you will be fine as that game mode runs and plays like it always has. If you’re more into the single player of battlefield then yes you’re getting screwed. I will 100%agree with the release dates being confusing but any hardcore gamer can figure it out. This type of release can be dangerous for gaming but it’s not like it’s the first time EA has done this. Personally I’m enjoying BF5 and I find the game to be a excellent shooter outside all the drama.

MJ2300729d ago

What ruined this game was female front line soldiers and all the political BS.

jordan22290ps29d ago

Nah, just boys like you who blow things out of proportion and turn a drop into an ocean. I've been playing the multiplayer for a good ten hours and can attest that when I'm running and gunning and blowing shit up, dying and respawning magically behind my squad mate, self healing bullet wounds in an instant, building big fortifications in a couple seconds, etc...I never once stopped and said" hey, was that a female soldier I just saw?!, that's it! Immersion broken!!" Do you see the point? Do you pick up what I'm laying down? Probably not

jordan22290ps29d ago

So I'm definitely bias as I love the BF series, but my question is(and please don't just flood with disagrees without adding to the discussion) why is it that no one had a problem with Battlefield 1's amount of content? BFV has the same amount of content. Single player war stories, admittedly minus one chapter which we get in a month, and your normal BF multiplayer modes. In fact its starting with one more mode than last year with Grand operations(as this mode wasn't in BF1 at launch). Now I get being disappointed about having to wait to get the additional content that was originally announced but it's coming and it's free. If it was being charged then I'm upset. So there's definitely not a lack of content at launch, unless you think every other Battlefield lacked content. I'm just sensing resentment carrying over from the girls/ steampunk cosmetics fiasco. But again, maybe I'm just biased. But it's a very fun game:)

Omnisonne29d ago

It's not just the content, it's that combined with the situation surrounding the game. If a fanbase gets called uneducated and to ''deal with it or don't buy it'', then all the small issues they had with the game originally (one of which might be the limited content) will be magnified greatly.

I remember some fuss about black nazis in BF1, but that wasn't nearly as poorly handled by DICE/EA as BFV. So many people including myself didn't make a big deal out of it or were willing to look past it.

jordan22290ps29d ago

I get it, and that's why I said I sensed it was resentment from those things, but then just say it's bc of that. All I've been hearing is how it's not worth 60 bc its incomplete.

jordan22290ps29d ago

Plus don't forget it was the internet mob (which is the dumbest thing) that started all the drama with wanting to boycott over THEIR OWN misconceptions about who fought in the damn war. I loved when they said don't buy it if you don't like it. People act like this was all pushed on them over the top like, I've seen comments from ppl complaining about the Ski fight scenes and they didn't even know there was whole ski Battalions in the war lmao. Yet they're such historical experts, that's what I hate. You don't like women then just say it, but don't act like they weren't there, it's a fucking videogame. I guarantee if you took any of these boys and put them in front of someone who knows their shit and said " okay now tell me again why this videogame should be boycotted?" They would stutter and think and realize how dumb this whole thing was blown up. But behind the computer....stupidity and ignorance reigns supreme.

monkey60229d ago

It seems like they're rushing to market now though. Even the Ray Tracing tech they've been flagshipping isn't ready yet.

I was disappointed by what felt like a lack of content in Battlefield 1 though. So I'm waiting in this one. Especially since I know it'll drop to a fraction of the price early in the new year.
This is the first Battlefield since Bad Company 2 I haven't bought at release.

franwex29d ago

Because gamers are stupid, and love a herd mentality due to their own insecurities. I had a problem wit BF1 and didn’t buy until it was $6 with every expansion added free.
They fail to look at things objectively and rather participate in pitiful politics rather than enjoy content for what it is.
Remember, no one hates gaming more than gamers.

DerekTweed27d ago

The people who complain so much about this game and other games are not the people who buy the game in the first place. Especially here at N4G, they see some headline and get the keyboard warrior persona on and rip a game to shreds that they never intended to buy in the first place.

Here's the thing though, how many people who are happy or content with a product are going to rush to the internet forums to say, all's good. No, the people who feel the burning need to get on the internet to comment about a game are the one's who want bash it.

BTW, I completely agree with your sentiments about BFV. I played the 10 hour trial and will continue playing on 20th.


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