PlayStation Skipping E3 For First Time in Show’s 24-Year History

Sony Interactive Entertainment, currently riding high on record sales of its PlayStation 4 gaming console won’t be hosting its annual press conference or showing up at all during next year’s massive E3 expo.

The news was buried inside the Entertainment Software Association’s announcement of the 2019 show that quoted competitors Nintendo and Microsoft.

This will be the first time in E3’s 24-year history that PlayStation will not be attending the event, it is also the second major PlayStation event canceled by the company in recent months.

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slate91880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

What does this mean? And they added, "Will not activate or hold a press conference around e3".

elazz880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

It's very unclear what it means. They might have an event to close their fiscal year around april and have the announcements then. When E3 arrives you trailer bombard youtube to remember what was shown and you got yourself a year. Or maybe it is some miscommunication. I believe they said this because it will get viral quick and then announce something.

Skull521880d ago

It’s clear it is bad news though. Being a no show at the years biggest gaming event means something isn’t right.

darthv72880d ago

It means MS wins E3 by default, seeing as neither Nintendo and now Sony will not be there.

Nintendo has skipped out on the last few E3's in favor of their own Nintendo direct presentation. Sony may not be there this time but I'd bet they will still have a presence. they will have latest builds of games to show off so even if they wont make a presentation... they will still have something to show on the floor.

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Realms880d ago

@ Skull521

LOL. You know what it means it means E3 has become less and less relevant, Sony doesn't need E3 they can announce what they want in whatever manner they want just like Nintendo has been doing that for years now but they aren't going out of business. You sound like the chicken little guy the sky is falling end of the world, it could mean they will have their own show and announce what they need to in a venue like PSX.

Sophisticated_Chap880d ago

@ Realms

E3 was the show that propelled the PS4 to it's current success when it was announced, so to say that E3 isn't relevant anymore is foolish. It's like saying that CES and the Detroit Auto Show are irrelevant.

DarXyde880d ago

They'll probably hold their own event, honestly.

Other publishers and developers don't do E3 anymore either.

Not you, elazz, but the concern trolling is pretty ridiculous from these plain-as-day jokers with nothing better to do than act like Playstation is in dire straits.

Ceaser9857361880d ago

MS needs Nintendo and specially Sony to not do show to stay relevant .. Sony has dominated MS throughout this gen so i can understand the salty and butthurt some are going through... Sony is covered till 2019 on exclusive front.. It will cross 100 mil PS4 sold by coming fiscal year or before and Xbox one will barely be touching 40 mil at best 50 mil when its done and dusted.. lmao!!

Ceaser9857361880d ago


If you look lately E3 is becoming less of a show.. Most devs are announcing their titles before or hosting a show before E3. Sony still does E3 and Sony has their personal show.. Its how they reach their customers Whether on E3 or PSX ... Personally i love E3 and i want it to be like old times not like now where everything is announced before..

nucky64880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

not that unclear - here is a excerpt from a gamespot article:
"Sony has confirmed it plans to skip next year's E3. "As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community," the company said in a statement to GameSpot. "PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can't wait to share our plans with you." - end quote.
i have a feeling PS fans aren't going to be disappointed.

bouzebbal880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

That's a strange decision.. Let's wait a little more before judging. Tbh I don't think they have more for PS4.
Every ressource has shifted to PS5 already and they will announce it before e3.

Stfu will you?

bluefox755880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

What it means is e3 is dead. No one is gonna watch it just for Xbox, lol. Sony has completely dominated this ge, they don't need e3, frankly.

mike32UK880d ago

@darthv72 I mean, they gotta win something this gen... right?

S2Killinit879d ago

Lol at Skulls521, sure thing bud.

steven83r879d ago

@ Sophisticated_Chap
E3 is not the reason the PS4 was a success. Also i have attended E3 for over 12 years and it sucks now. It's overcrowded and more and more companies are leaving. Sony had a weak showing at E3 for past 3 years. Their section on the floor was basically for Media or you have to wait 4 hours to play a demo. This makes sense for Sony to not spend so much money on a floor display. They could however have a conference.

Dragonscale879d ago

@Skull, your desperation is really showing with that comment.

@darth, Sony won't be there and xbox will still lose to nintendo lol.

deafdani879d ago

@darthv72: Nintendo never left E3, they just stopped having press conferences in favor of videos like you said.

But Nintendo's actual presence on the show floor has always been huge, comparable with Sony's booth.

And this year, Sony won't even have floor space at all at E3. Nintendo will probably have a huge booth as usual, along with their E3 Direct, as well as their Treehouse presentations that are on the actual floor.

Saying that Nintendo isn't at E3 is ignorant. They make their presence felt, always.

So yeah, Microsoft won't "win E3 by default". We just have to wait and see, and just hope that both companies have good stuff to show.

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kneon880d ago

I expect it means a ps5 announcement next year at their own event.

derek880d ago

No way, they would be at e3 if they were launching the ps5

SpringHeeledJack880d ago

@derek Not necessarily. They held they own event to announce the PS4

deathtok880d ago


Why? I understand that’s the traditional route however companies don’t need E3 to have an audience anymore.

derek880d ago

@deathtok if they were launching late 2019 they would have their own event early next year and use e3 to show of launch titles like they did with the ps4. This ends any hope 4 a ps5 in 2019

Skull521880d ago

The don’t need e3 to show off launch titles. If they have their own event they can do it there. It’s possible no PS5 in 2019 but I hardly see this as any indication that it WILL NOT make a 2019 appearance.

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overrated44880d ago

This is definitely what it means, they basically have no games to show at E3 because all their "new" games will be PS5. They probably want the limelight to themselves when they reveal the PS5 and E3 is not the place for that. Mid next year I would bet we get a PS5 event, then a blowout at PSX next year with a bunch of launch window games.

GtPawnSacrifices880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

That was my assumption. And want MS to announce the new Xbox first. (To make sure the PS has better specs i’m guessing)

conanlifts880d ago

I agree. I think psx in Nov/Dec 2019 and a ps5 launch early 2020.

NarooN880d ago

They said they're gonna interact with fans in a new way and they can't wait to share details, seems a big announcement is coming next year and a PS5 reveal isn't out of the question.

I_am_Batman880d ago

@derek: Not if the PS5 announcement event is scheduled after E3. Most unannounced games that they are working on are probably PS5 games which they can't talk about before announcing the PS5. They also probably took the negative feedback from last year (about the lack of new announcements) and came to the conclusion that they just don't have enough of a reason to be at E3 next year.

If it makes their PS5 event better I don't see much of a problem with that. This makes a 2020 release date more likely in my opinion. As you said if they were planning to launch in 2019 they probably would be at E3.

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Segata880d ago

It means PS4 is done. PS5 is 2020 and they are not starting development on any more 1st party PS4 games. Whatever is in development now is it. How I'm taking it.

-Foxtrot880d ago

Wonder if Dreams will be a PS4 and PS5 release considering it's a huge creation game. People could easily share on both consoles

No point releasing it just on the PS4 when it's near the end of its life.

Prince-Ali880d ago


Aye what up good brother! DREAMS IS MOST DEFINITELY GONNA BE A PS4 & PS5 GAME!! That game isn't just a game its a literal game engine going forward so its most certainly gonna be cross gen and future proof.

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pyroxxx878d ago

@ZXCPCA500 : how is PSVR ignored? It has probably the best library of any VR headset ever,.. and just got Tetris Effect which is 10/10 game even without VR,.. but in VR it is goty contender

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darthv72880d ago

It means the PS5 reveal will take place at their own event and not one that is shared between others.

slate91880d ago

But with PS4 they revealed it in Feb and still had an E3 showing. They have to be planning something different.

Gazondaily880d ago

Yeah I sense Sony's own event

milohighclub880d ago

They'll most likely reveal at the end of the year at their own event, show more e3 2020, then launch holiday 2020.

DarkVoyager880d ago

“As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community," the ESA stated to Game Informer. "PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you.”

Elda880d ago

Fabulous!! Guessing their britches are getting too big for next year's E3 so their going to bring it their way on a grander scale!! Sony better do it!!! Can't wait to see what they have in store next year!!!

darthv72880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

@elda, that's nothing new to them though. they generally do their own thing a couple times a year but also make a presence at E3. Even Nintendo has a presence at E3 even if they aren't there in person.

When sony said there wasnt going to be a PSX it lead to speculation that it would be E3 for the PS5 but now this announcement gives the impression those plans had to change again. So... maybe they will bring back PSX in 19 for the big reveal.

rainslacker880d ago

Hopefully it's not the same more intimate show that they had at the past e3. Their actual conference wasn't bad, but the way it started killed any momentum they had before it even started.

rainslacker880d ago

Probably means that they have some big conference planned at another time. And the only thing I can think what could warrant that would be a console reveal.

Otoh, e3 is a good place to steal the competitions thunder with new console information.

darthv72880d ago

Remember earlier this year when Sony said there wasnt going to be a PSX...? And now no E3, so it must be big.

nibblo880d ago

Normally they have a separate reveal event and then use E3 as a way to showcase features and games of the new system so they effectively have two bites of the cherry before the lucrative holiday season. They may intend on skipping E3 to focus on a reveal event but it would be weird not take advantage of the publicity of E3 unless they were hoping to release the console early in 2020 which is unlikely as it's so far away from the holidays.

UltraNova880d ago

I m seeing this as a strategy play. Let their competition announce their plans then take their time to restructure accordingly then come back at them at their own event.

Also ps5 will most likely be out Nov 2020 or even earlier in March/April if they announce in 2019 PSX.

One thing's for sure though, Sony is cooking some fine crystal meth and I have a feeling they'll be breaking really bad next year.

rainslacker880d ago


I might agree with that, except Sony hasn't done that all gen, so it makes no sense to start now.

I can see them not wanting to give MS a chance to respond....but the only way to do that during E3 would be to reveal the console at E3, which isn't typical for them.

Anyhow, it's all speculation, and I feel my original thoughts may have been kind of knee jerk assumptions. Could be any number of things.

UltraNova880d ago (Edited 880d ago )


They know we wont like this and they know better than to displease us with arrogant decisions. What I've stated above is no blind fanboy wish its my sense of things knowing Sony. Why else would they make such a decision after 24 years? Did they suddenly forget that they are the center piece of E3 and said what the hell, who cares if we are there or not?

Don't forget that MS announced the X and its 6tf output 15 months prior to release and that Sony may have had enough with MS and their endless power advantage chest pounding so the wait might be worth it this time around.

You and I know Sony knows better than this. I'm sure they are cooking something big.

rainslacker879d ago

Most of ms announcements this gen have been to try and curtail the announcements Sony has been making. Sony hasn't made a single announcement those gen the was in response to something ms has done. At least not that I can recall. Maybe the, "used games are still free" thing, but that wasn't a reaction to MS, just a confirmation of what they always had.

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neutralgamer1992880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Ps5 announcement February 2019. Ps5 release in November 2019.

If true sounds awesome. There is a reason Sony went out of their way to say they will only show already know exclusive games at last year's E3. They are ready for ps5

porkChop880d ago

If they were going to announce the PS5 in February then they would be at E3 to promote the system and its games. E3 is still the biggest gaming event. The PS5 is not being announced before E3, otherwise Sony wouldn't be skipping the show.

Master of Unlocking880d ago

Thanks for the link. Save for the form factor the infos he got from that supposed insider seem legit to me.

Sophisticated_Chap880d ago

I think it means that they don't have anything to show. If they did, they would obviously want to advertise it to the public and generate buzz around upcoming products. Last e3 was a really disappointing showing by Sony, only because we already knew about everything that they were showing. This is a bit concerning in my opinion.

scofios880d ago

This is MS chance to finally win E3

paintedgamer1984880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

If something has to be given it cant be won...

rainslacker879d ago

Isn't Nintendo going to be there this year though? Ms just can't catch a break

KratosKonundrum880d ago (Edited 880d ago )


The gamesharing video with Shu and Boyes that propelled the Playstation 4 into the stratosphere was a video at E3 that was followed by raucous cheers from the packed crowd. That was at E3.

The only reason why I think Sony would pull out from E3 is due to them knowing that the next Xbox will be just as powerful or more powerful than the PS5 and they would like to control the messaging of their console and its capabilities at their own event.

E3's have been known to screw a launch of a console even though a company's messaging is well intentioned.

Imagine if Microsoft announces that Scarlett is going 2x more powerful than the PS5 and is priced at $300 because they don't care if they sell at an extreme loss how would Sony counter that with their conference if they technically can't? The press would go ape shit and all the good things the PS5 offers would be overlooked and goodbye to those initial sales due to hype that was out of their control.

Of course I used an extreme example, but Sony knows MS is very aggressive right now, and I think it's smart that they would use their own conference to highlight and announce the PS5 in a controlled and friendly environment without the hoots and hollering of fanboys that could influence the press.

Twinblade880d ago

It means there's no ps5 announcement next year.

FyBy880d ago

It maybe means they dont have anything (big) new for PS4 and they will focus on PS5, which will be announced later that year, which will take focus totally out of PS4 and therefore makes any PS4 E3 conference useless.

conanlifts880d ago

I am going out on a limb and predicting they will hold a psx in the latter half of 2019. Here they will unveil the ps5 for launch early 2020.

880d ago
andibandit879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

It means we wont see Fluteman next E3 :(

KukwesGaming879d ago

It means that even Microsoft will pull out of E3 eventually and only do XOs.

DanteVFenris666879d ago

It means ps5

There was a leaked that leaked that Sony was going to announce cancellation on this day. He also said it was to make a reveal in mid 2019 and then a giant psx 2019

Orionsangel879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Sony is probably gonna do their own press event. Nintendo and Bethesda started it and now other big companies are also leaving E3. It's the beginning of the end for E3.

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Segata880d ago

Sad to see. I wanted PS4 to lead at least 3 more years. Been such an amazing system.

VendettaGamer880d ago

They will still lead for the rest of the gen. Thing is we forget how many games they have announced in their future pipeline.
-Final Fantasy 7 Remake first on PS
-Shanemue 3 first on PS
-Concrete Genie
-The Wild
-The Last of us Part 2
-Days Gone
-Ghost of Tsushima
-Death Stranding
to name a few. A slew of VR titles. Trust me they will continue to dominate this console generation.

--Onilink--880d ago

Considering it's Square Enix we are talking about, I would not be surprised at all it FF7 skips PS4 and launches like in the 3rd year of the PS5

Segata880d ago

All I have pre-ordered for PS4 next year is Left Alive,DMC5 and Shenmue III but I know I will get more when more smaller Japanese games are announced. Not to mention Limited Run which I have good few of LRG releases. Likely be my first console in my collection to reach 100 retail games. Over 60 atm.

Sirk7x880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Nomura admitted he hasn't even started working on FF7 yet. And they pulled it from the other studio that was making it. Gonna be another 10 year game. Square Enix is a dumpster fire right now.

Omnislashver36880d ago (Edited 880d ago )


Nomura has said NONE of that. He's repeatedly said he's working on both FFVIIR and KH3 at the same time.

And in case you haven't realized, since moving to Unreal Engine they've made serious progress with KH3 and FFVIIR's system already looks far more complex than FFXV.

Crystal Tools/Luminous Engine were a dumpster fire, but aside from the one game they've messed up on that engine(FFvXIII/XV) they've been pumping out games.

Omnislashver36880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Disagrees with objectivity. You all will make up things Nomura hasn't said and refute things he has said. What parallel universe are you kids from where you get to make up your own facts? Amazing.

“So right now, it’s like I’ve been putting in 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, 100 percent into Final Fantasy VII, 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts... just going back and forth,” he says. “It’s just like [working on] two titles is just going to be one [after Kingdom Hearts III’s launch]. That’s pretty much how I see it.”

-Tetsuya Nomura

Muzikguy879d ago


I said pretty much the same thing that FFVII will probably be on PS5 but I don’t think many believed me. Seems more and more likely all the time