Cell to Lead Appliance Evolution?

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has suggested that the Cell processor represents a new mindset that would change home appliances into computers.

It's no secret that Sony wants the PlayStation 3's Cell processor to be used across a wide range of applications outside of videogames. However, putting the powerful little chip into every daily household appliance isn't totally up to Sony.

In another piece of a multi-part interview with PC Impress Watch, Kutaragi explained that in order for the Cell processor to be successful outside of the PS3, there needs to be a paradigm shift among home appliance-makers.

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USMChardcharger6512d ago

it would be funny if the first appliance to use the cell was a george forman grill.

Bill Nye6512d ago

If so it would be capable of mass parallel grilling and would deliver 4D steaks and burgers. So delicioius.

TheXgamerLive6508d ago

LOL, sorry, I couldnt resist the urge. Hey have ya tried the george forman grill, I dont like it, food is a bit tasteless. Umm oh ok, on with the real post.
The cell is made more for things like appliances vs a gameing system, I do agree.

MoonDust6512d ago (Edited 6512d ago )

Bob: My grill has a cell chip on it, what does yours have?
Peter: Awww gas.
Bob: Phzzzz! Does it have 6 degrees of freedom?
Peter: No it cooks
Bob: Phzzz, well mine is more powerfull, ha!

Anerythristic266512d ago

That is actually not even funny! Imagine if a kid is playing his PS3 in a couple of years and he's like " OH! HELL YEAH! The POWER of the CELL! IS making my bRaiN BlEeD!" then his mother is like " Wow honey the PS3 uses the power of the cell chip so does my vacuum and vibrator"

Anerythristic266512d ago

YES! HAHAHA I'm glad you dug that.

Introducing the NEEWWW "TaskMaster" 3000 Personal Massager. Featuring the POWER of the Cell Processing Unit The "Taskmaster" uses 2 SPE Units for sensual touch and reserved 1 SPE for 4 Dimensional Pleasure. With unparrelled physics you won't be able to tell the difference. How long till this totally off topic crap I just wrote gets deleted , I'll take bets.

The Real Deal6512d ago

Thats some funny shyt. dayum...yall is crazy up in here. SonyisGod has got to be crackin up. You can't be human and not find that hilarious. lol....

shotty6512d ago

It all started with the grill and getting a cell to function in that. Then you go out to the beach find a crab and attack it's weak point for massive damage, you then uses your ps3 controler to navagate your cell powered warkhawk to your house. Cook it on your ps3 umh i mean grill. Then utilizing real time weapon changing you alternate between a knife, fork and spoon and devour that crab knowing that you saved the world of crabs that once threaten the existance of the japanese according to real history. Oh and don't forget that once your done cooking you can pop in Riiidge Raceeer and don't forget to connect the psp or you can't see behind you.

Xtrm L1481L1TY6510d ago

LOL lol lol Thata was a great read!

ps3willrule6512d ago

hey arn't u the guy that ask if its 599 with tax LMAO...

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