Players Have Already Found A Ways To Cheat Fallout 76's Nuke Codes

Even though Fallout 76 takes place in a world where the bombs have already dropped, the game is littered with silos full of more nukes for players to launch themselves. Finding the codes to do so is supposed to be complicated, but players have not only already launched nukes, they’ve found ways to streamline the process as well.

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ziggurcat33d ago

of course they have... map's going to get nuked to hell, and back now.

Shikoku32d ago

What really? Its almost like people already new this..

psuedo32d ago

I don't usually do this, but it is knew. The k is silent. New is something not old. Knew is the knowledge of something.

Shikoku32d ago

Yeah you've never made a typo right stick to what you usually dont do.

psuedo32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

You know what I meant. I wasn't trying to be an ass, but helpful. I figured English maybe wasn't your first language and was trying to be helpful. Sorry that you took it so offensively. As you suggested I will continue doing what I usually don't do. Happy days.

Baza32d ago

Is anyone surprised?? Have fun with this Bethesda.. haha

KillZallthebeast32d ago

Not sure if this is even an issue since it can spawn super boss fights. Settlement building is basically just watered down to cabins