Final Fantasy XIII On Xbox One X Renders At 1728p vs. 576p On X360, Has Full HD Cinematics

Square Enix recently released Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox One backward compatibility for Xbox One and there was support for 4K on Xbox One X as well.

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polow got sol567d ago

It’s like a brand new game wow

Ricegum567d ago

Do you know if it is 60fps?

2pacalypsenow567d ago

Its not.

It's locked at 30fps

slasaru01567d ago

It's definitely not but the graphics filter makes it look 60fps-ish. I don't know how to explain but 60fps games look like "photorealistic" and like TV news channels while most 30 fps games tend to look like "cinematic" with milder picture. So FF13 looks like the first type for me. But it's obviously not 60fps, you can feel it from the controls.

badz149567d ago

another fake 4K advertisement from the xbox camp

Bane35567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

even if its not true 4k its still a hell of alot better then 576p

B1uBurneR567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Psn now ps2 ps3 gqmes does this on with the pro. MS playing catch up with old games.

Edit :\

conanlifts567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

What? Psnow streams at a maximum 720p. Games downloaded run at their native resolution. In addition for PS2 games to work on PS4 you must repurchase them. This game runs at 1728p on the X and if you already own it no purchase is necessary.
So what are you on about? My source is below in case you disagree.

TheRealTedCruz567d ago

There is nothing accurate about what you just said.

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pietro1212567d ago

Being a PS4 owner I'm jealous of the BC Microsoft added to the XB1 and the upscaling feature on the X is cool as well. PS Now is crap and there's not a lot of PS2 titles available on the ps4 and the library of games is pretty weak.

B1uBurneR567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

I'm going to file this under sarcasm gone wrong. Is this the symbol for :/ ?
The BurneR BlasT CasT (YT)

sazselesbon567d ago

You don't even have a clue.

Imortus_san567d ago

Did you just forgot to take your meds today.

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GGEZ567d ago

it's 2018 and we still using that "full hd" nonsensical term. That's what's impressive.


Because that is the appropriate term for 1080p lol. 720p is HD, 4k is UHD

rpvenom567d ago

I dont understand how this old ass game cant render at full native 4k.. but rdr 2 can.. stupid

SegaSaturn669567d ago

Who would ever want to play this awful dumpster fire?

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rainslacker567d ago

I'd probably replay it for trophies or something. Wouldn't get that through BC if it was on PS4 because I have all three plats already...although I guess I could get it with achievements on X1, as I don't have those. But then i'd have to buy the games, and I don't really care to start a gaming collection on the X1.

Other than that, I may be compelled to replay the series one day. Prettier graphics wouldn't be the compelling reason though.

SegaSaturn669567d ago

I don't even remember this game, really. The battles were just mash X button to win! I very rarely recall needing to change paradigms.

rainslacker567d ago

Paradigms were mostly unneeded during the regular game. but most of the post game stuff you couldn't survive without understanding it.

RedDevils567d ago

Agreed, a polish turd in 4k LMAO

gamer7804567d ago

alll three of them alot better than the train wreck of FFXV...

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