Battlefield V's Multiple Release Dates And Bad Marketing Are Hurting The Game Before Launch

"From bad marketing to confusing release dates, Battlefield V's launch is shaping up to be a mess." Says Forbes.

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2pacalypsenow25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Seriously, you have the 9th, 15th and 20th?

Just release it on the 9th and let the people who wanna play your game play it.

"More than anything, it feels like EA and DICE are simply very out-of-touch with their target demographic. By all means, include women in the game, but don't try to earn brownie points by making it seem like you're championing some social cause"

I totally agree with this.

UltraNova24d ago

They effed up royally. Even after BattleFront 2... They had 4 months of constant negative press about BFV's... peculiar choices, to fix or at least avoid some issues and what did EA do? Made things even worse by making it the most unnecessarily complicated sliced up game release I can remember...

Oh Dice I feel so sorry for you guys...

rainslacker23d ago

I wouldn't really expect them to redo the parts of the game that the people were upset about. that'd take more than 4 months, and would be a extreme waste of resources.

But they certainly could have handled the situation better.

PapaBop24d ago

How else are they going to make all that extra cash charging people for the luxury of playing it "early"? EA's dirty little trick for a good few years now. Jokes on them though, it arguably cost them big time with Battlefront 2 and judging from some of the the things I'm reading, it's potentially costing them with this game too judging by lack of content available at launch.

RememberThe35724d ago

Yep. I've been a pretty consistent BF player over the years but since BF1 I've just lost my patience with EAs constant need to fck with us. If I buy this game it'll be on sale months from now. I'm just over it.

Dirtnapstor24d ago

No kidding, thought I was going to fire this up this weekend. Can’t devote the same quality time during the work week.

Sciurus_vulgaris24d ago

The BF V is not launching with a lot of content which may encourage potential buyers to hold off on buying the game.

DerekTweed24d ago

I have EA Access and Pre-ordered the standard edition. I still ahve 1-2 hours left on my trial then I have to wait until 20th. For me this is fine. The way I look at this is offering an incentive or benefit to buying the deluxe edition or subscribing to premium (Which is only PC for now).

Even at that it wasn't enough of an incentive or bonus to make me spend more money to get the deluxe edition. I already subscribed to EA Access and would not have started only to play this game early.

What would the difference be if the whole game released on 20th with no early access? People who paid more would complain that they didn't get enough for their money.

I think it's fine.

Inzo24d ago

"The way I look at this is offering an incentive or benefit to buying the deluxe edition or subscribing to premium"

That "incentive" was a last minute decision to get pre-orders up which if my local game store is to be believed didnt help much.

DerekTweed24d ago

I don't know if it was last minute or not or if it was to get pre-orders up but if it was, I agree it probably didn't help.

Anyone who was going to pre-order standard or deluxe editions or subscribe to the services would not be swayed by these things. i certainly wasn't.

fathertime446424d ago

@Derek Tweed
I absolutely agree with you. I also have EA access and have pre-ordered the game.
If you have a prescription service you definitely should get early access to a games trial/demo.
I think it's very interesting and a good idea to at least release the digital deluxe or ultra or what ever version of game at least a week early. I mean your paying the same as someone that get the physical version, however your not receiving all the little toys or whatever the physical comes with.
Good idea, poor execution.
As far as the game. It is not a hot mess. Yes some bugs, like all games, but is it broken and unplayable? No, it's fine and dare I say fun

oof4623d ago

I'd compare it to BC2 or Bf3, in regards to how much fun I'm having playing.

Hungryalpaca23d ago

People like you are why we have situations like this.

I got access to try it after the horrible beta. The release is JUST as glitchy, just as boring, just as casualized as I thought it would be.

Where are all the vehicles? Why is there such a huge focus on customization in WWII? Why is it such a focus on infantry combat? Where’s the balance? Where’s the new content?

The damn game is a reskin of BF1 with even less content.

Inzo24d ago

It goes a lot deeper than just bad marketing, it is also a PR disaster and Soderland is front and centre of that.

oof4623d ago

Good thing he's no longer with the company.

Kornholic24d ago

It doesn't help either that the game is released as an unfinished buggy mess.

boing124d ago

What? Haven't noticed any game breaking bugs so far.

Inzo24d ago

You actually bought the game?

boing124d ago

Of course. I never skip Battlefield games. I'm an older dude, not a crybaby.

Kornholic24d ago

Read the Eurogamer review. I don't care if you have encountered them or not. The fact is that BFV is a buggy mess.

boing124d ago

So you didn't play it? Were they reviewing the latest patch?

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enviable2724d ago

@Boing1 LOL! Upvote for you sir for making me laugh.

oof4623d ago (Edited 23d ago )

There are bugs, but it's not a mess and nothing game breaking. Game is loads of fun.

Hungryalpaca23d ago

I’ve had nonstop bugs since the 8 hours of my trial started. Don’t plan on using my last 2. This is easily the worst BF game in a long time.

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