Xbox Is Building The Foundation For A Bright Future

Nicholas believes that while the Xbox brand has had a rough time this generation, the moves made in 2018 show that Xbox is building the foundation for a bright future.

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AizenSosuke796d ago

A better future is more accurate.

Skull521796d ago

Very excited to see what the future holds for Microsoft. Compatibility across all sorts of devices and likely PC games being able to be played on the new systems and tons of new studio acquisitions are setting Microsoft up for an incredible future in the world of gaming. A focus on cross platform play too is great, if next gen I can just buy one device that will let me play with all my friends that will be a huge win for me because I don’t buy multiple copies of the same game.

Chris12796d ago

Darkvoyager doing what he does best, twisting the truth. Phil said 'across all sorts of devices', not 'all devices'. So transparent in your agenda.

JaguarEvolved796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

Sony already built a strong foundation with the PlayStation. Xbox has been around for like two decades and has wasted a lot of time. Sensible gamers would rather a proven gaming company with actual substance to show

Skull521796d ago

I don’t know about that. I know with Xbox I’m gonna get the best multiplayer games on the best network, with the best graphics and performance. I know with Sony I’m gonna get a game best enjoyed sitting by myself in a dark room for 12 hours then I’m gonna wait six months for the next one.

Potnoodle999796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

It is hliarious though as if they really do want to be in charge of the “Netflix of gaming” then someday they would have to make their service available on other consoles😂 otherwise it is just counterproductive for them. Soon they will just say fuck it and they will welcome the money from ps/ninty gamers also. I don’t really be believe they care too much about the Xbox brand or pride, if it makes more money and makes business sense they will do it.... and they would love it. I Can still see them one day becoming like valve and just raking in the money, don’t really care as long as we still get all the quality ps and Nintendo exclusives. That’s what I live for in gaming lately, quality polished experiences from veteran developers! Still blows my mind the quality of ps games this gen. I only hope Xbox can get back to producing some quality titles like the og Xbox and very beginning of 360 era, not like the complete drought of the last almost 10 years or so from them and the load of trash they have been releasing. Fingers crossed next gen I’ll buy another Xbox console for the first time since 2005 (think that was the year😂) because I’d love to. Just make me want it Microsoft!

BehindTheRows796d ago

The issue with ‘best multiplayer on best network’ is how subjective that is. If all you get out of PlayStation games is what you described, then I seriously question the validity of your statement.

Meaning, it sounds like you’re just looking for a reason to put it down.

Skull521796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

Best network isn’t subjective while the games could be. But most of the best multiplayer games are on Xbox or multi platform so I stand by my statement. And that is what I get out of PlayStation, sorry. I haven’t touched my Pro since I 100% Spider Man which took a few days, before that was God of War back in April, I don’t even remember what I played before God of War I think it was Horizon.

rainslacker796d ago


I have a feeling if Sony would allow them to put their services on PS, they'd happily do it. MS actually did approach Sony to use Windows on PlayStation 2. Then went to Sega, then went into the market themselves when they realized that Sony was going to be in too strong a position in the living room, at a time where MS knew that home computer use was going to start dwindling. I think the smart phone took them by surprise though, and they didn't really appreciate the true threat it could be to the Windows OS.

Sunny_D795d ago


If your best multiplayer games are SOT and SoD2 in recent times, then PlayStation gamers aren’t missing anything lmao.

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It’s going to take a lot to swing things back in MS favor. Gamers are only imagining what PS5 exclusives will look like in future. People are tired of Halo and Gears.

Gunstar75796d ago

I'm not tired of halo or gears thanks sausage x

rainslacker796d ago

Just bringing games will help MS. That's usually enough to start getting people interested. MS has to fight an uphill battle, and they're basically starting at square one since they've squandered any gains they got last gen. All this talk this gen about how bright their future is is just from MS, and it's rabid fan base, and not really reflected that much in the community. They may be building a foundation, but they have a lot of bricks to lay.

subtenko796d ago

they wernt very bright to begin with

S2Killinit796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

They are buying already existing studios, good for them, bad for the gamers as it means multiplats will become exclusive. I wish MS would not cannibalize on the industry and would add to it by making new studios.

796d ago
Gunstar75796d ago

Grow up. This is business .....The same business Sony and everyone else is after

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lxeasy796d ago

If they continue to play the right cards there future is definitely bright. Great Job Phil

Thundercat77796d ago

Yeah great job surviving their own mess and holding on to the last place in the market. At least they are still on business right?

lxeasy796d ago

@thundercat no company is perfect. They have all messed up at one point. What I care about is that they fix their problems. and I'm glad they are working diligently to do so. I feel bad for you when next gen they are a much better gaming company then they are now and you're going to be salty because you along with your fanboy friends want to see them burn. but they won't.

Mister_Wolf796d ago

No one is denying that this is their own mess and that they screwed up this gen.

Gunstar75796d ago

from what I hear, they seem to be turning quite a profit. Move on mate

King_Noctis796d ago

They are in second place last time I check. Stop twisting the truth to favor your plastic machine.

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Sm00thNinja796d ago

Microsoft is making strides. Next generation should be very interesting. Hell I'm excited about the Xbox One yet. We still have Halo Infinity on the horizon. That being said I definitely wonder if Microsoft will keep the power card next gen. Will the next Xbox out pace the PS5? They seem keen to keep the crown for sure


You lost me at Halo infinity. Sure it’s another Halo game, but what about any other new IP ???

Skankinruby796d ago

Well Microsoft loyalists don't seem to care about much else

Sm00thNinja796d ago

I like Halo why is that a bad thing. I can't wait for Uncharted 5 I'm sure I won't hear your mouth then

AngelicIceDiamond796d ago

@Skan Your're right die hard MS loyalists. You can't speak for all Xbox fan types.

King_Noctis796d ago

You’re gonna get that announcement next year when all MS’ first party studios reveal their games.

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Skankinruby796d ago

Not a chance in hell will they outpace ps5. That's only possible if Sony makes some really stupid moves but if they just keep their same business tactics Microsoft will never touch them

rpvenom796d ago

How many times have I seen an article with this similar headline.. Microsoft apparently is always doing something, or progressing in the right direction.. or whatever other thesaurus words are available.. where are the games? When do the games show up as a result of all these supposed good moves? How many more of these articles do I need to see year after year?

subtenko796d ago

Sonys been top dog every gen

Sm00thNinja796d ago

When I say out pace I mean in terms of power not sales. Lord...

796d ago
Sm00thNinja796d ago

Maybe. As a gamer I enjoy all the Big 3s offerings ... To each his own. I hope Microsoft can gain ground and be a force to go toe to toe with Sony next gen.

FyBy796d ago

Yeah! Im looking forward for next gen (both PS an Xbox). Im curious what hardware solution will both companies choose. PSs Custom VR Navi+Zen seems very powerful. MS will indeed build also very powerful machine. And if MS will deliver more new IPs and Sony can make PS5 BC with PS4 (really I dont want to trash all that VR games, remakes and new IPs this gen I didnt have time to play yet), that would be Golden Age of console gaming.

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CaptainOmega796d ago

Xbox gamers should be excited for what the future has to offer. However it comes down to if it can deliver.

796d ago
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