Yep, Fallout 76 Is Still Janky, and Bethesda Needs to Clean up Its Act

Author Writes: Fallout 76 is still packed full of the same bugs that Bethesda games have had for years, and hopefully they use it as a valuable learning experience.

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chris235800d ago

why? they are following the business model of this metal gear abomination that came out this year. they realized most people are indifferent enough to buy a very bad product as long as it has got their favorite brand logo tucked on. this metal gear abomination (low input maximum output) sold enough units. games like f76 are the direct result. more like these will follow.

PapaBop800d ago

Wasn't the new Metal Gear nobody asked for using the fox engine though? If nothing else, at least it looked like a game built for this generation.