Thunderbolt: PES 2009 review

"It never changes. Another year, another debate about which game offers the defining football simulation. On one hand, you've got a resurgent EA Sports, effortlessly reworking and refining their ideas until the praise inevitably rolls in. On the other, you have the once great, faltering production team that are in desperate need of a facelift. With a defiant set of supporters on each side, both PES 2009 and FIFA 09 are sure to be successful, right?"

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balcik4276d ago

Hi all,
I would like to inform you about a new website which is purely built to express disappointment with new PES 2009 game (especially online play etc.)
This website aims to bring PES fans around the world together and pressure Konami to fix the problems with the game, make online play more stable and increase the quality of the game like previous PES games (before 2008) that we used to love and play.
Please share this website with your PES lover friends. The more, the merrier!