How Princess Peach's Story Draws On 2000 Years Of Women In Peril

"Nintendo’s Princess Peach is the quintessential damsel in distress. She’s such a damsel cliché that she’s more important as a plot device than as an actual character. Whether you know her as Peach or Toadstool, her name doesn’t matter so much as the “Princess” preceding it. Mario’s leading lady is such a damsel cliché that she can also provide valuable insight into the evolution of the damsel trope, from the 4th century BCE all the way to Super Mario Odyssey." Kotaku says.

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ShockUltraslash22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

More SJW articles.

Mr Pumblechook22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

A poorly written essay that lacks focus and quickly loses the reader’s interest because the writer lacks the talent or knowledge to tackle the subject with the skill required.

There are several references to ‘damsel tropes’ yet there is not a cohesion or logic to the arguments made, rather it is a laundry list of complaints. Whilst it’s possible to be critical of media that one does enjoy, there is an insincerity here, and more commonly the writer cannot conceal her disdain for many aspects of what she references.

There is room for intelligent video game discussion but Stephen Totilo’s dumbed down Kotaku, a bubblegum video game news website, is not it. It gets a lot of clicks from New Yorkers and LA, but the quality of the reviews are awful, and too often it is unkindly judging video gamers without justification.

WitcheRivia22d ago

Kotaku? I'm not clicking that shit. :)

addictedtochaos22d ago

Kotaku being Kotaku. Nothing to see here.

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