Playground: Our RPG Influenced the Deal with Microsoft; We're Looking for Success in Another Genre

Playground Games talked about what drove them to do the unannounced RPG open world project and how it influenced the studio's acquisition by Microsoft.

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KaiPow2041d ago

I'm excited to see them get out of their wheelhouse, so to speak. If it's actually going to be Fable, you've got my attention.

Alexious2041d ago

I mean, Forza Horizon 4 is already set in Britain so they've done their research on the environments given that Fable's Albion is basically a fantasy version of Britain. Of course, there are so many things like combat, RPG systems etc. that they never had to do for the racing game.

Immorals2041d ago

Playground are a British studio anyway

Skull5212041d ago

Highly doubt it’s Fable. Doubt they’d pitch an idea for an existing IP that isn’t theirs to Microsoft, I’m pretty sure it will be something new.

rainslacker2040d ago

Didn't they say it was a new IP, and were also talking about multi-plat at about the same time?

They wouldn't have to pitch Fable to MS.

Hopefully they don't end up making Fable, and make a new IP. But if not, I'm sure they'd probably make a good Fable.

NewMonday2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I'm calling it!

Playground and Obsedian are co-developing an RPG

this will be a Witcher/HorizonZD killer, a game that combines great graphics with great RPG mechanics.

yes this is how competition brings gamers great stuff

these are my comments from 2 months ago about Obsidian's strengths and weaknesses (MS must have been listening :P)



It was MS who bounced on the chance so kudos to them

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Kribwalker2041d ago

These guys have mastered the racing genre, releasing the 2 best racing games this gen, i’m excited to see what they have in store next with an open world RPG. Exciting times ahead for PLAYGROUND and Ms

spwittbold2041d ago

Probably 2 best racing games of all time.

lxeasy2041d ago

This is going to be amazing. Playground Games has proven they are worthy developers, Can't wait to play there next big open world RPG.

Gazondaily2041d ago

They've definitely proven themselves to be extremely talented devs. It does remain to be seen whether they can achieve good results in another genre though. I have a lot of confidence in them mind you considering how great their games are.

Vasto2041d ago

Thank you Playground Games.

ccgr2041d ago

Can't wait to see what they bring to the table :)

MWH2040d ago

People disagreeing even on nice gestures are obnoxious to say the least.

AngainorG7X2041d ago

Man this game will melt eyes on next gen.

King_Noctis2041d ago

It is Fable based on the rumor on Eurogamer.